23 August 2014

Happy Birthday Virgo ♥ A Gift Guide

Virgo season starts today and even though you might already be late for a birthday present, here's some ideas! We all need to appreciate the virgos in our lives after all.

Out of the whole zodiac, virgo is the sign that really appreciates presents that actually have a point or a use. Not just a present for the sake of a present.
Virgo wants something practical and simple.

1 ♥ An organizer, a planer, or even just a plain notebook. Virgos tend to be obsessed with stationary and collect it. Not all of them actually use it but virgos do like bringing order in the chaos with lists and plans. Either way, virgos really like stationary. I thought this simple navy and white organizer was really cute. Academic Year Planner
2 ♥ Bath bombs!! Something a virgo wouldn't usually get for themselves but I think that's the reason we should give it to them. They won't admit that they're stressed out and need to relax so force them to do so by buying them nice bathing stuff or a spa day! Oh virgos are also really into ~natural~ stuff and this bath bomb is! Natural Fizzy Bath Bomb Grapefruit and Orange
3 ♥ A nice phone case that is also a wallet. Makes a virgo dream come true. Everything handy and organized in one place. Leather Wallet for iPhone
4 ♥ Virgo is ruled by mercury, the planet of intellect and they actually like to read. It's probably quite unlikely they haven't read this book yet but if you decide to get them one, TFIOS is a safe choice because everyone who read it, loved it. The Fault in Our Stars
5 ♥ A watch, because the stereotype that virgos take being in time very seriously is true. They like simple practical jewellery and this watch stood out to me because it actually wasn't round but oval which makes it look very delicate and elegant on the wrist. Watch with Leather Band
6 ♥ For some reason, virgos always seem to be cat people or actually end up being cat ladies. Adding this to the practicality of a watch, get a CAT WATCH! Cat Watch

Happy Birthday Virgo!
- Marina

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  1. I love it. Can you do it for the rest of the zodiac? :)


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