24 August 2014

Lady Gaga Astrology Analysis

Today I'll finally start doing celebrity analyses and what better way to start this of than with a big BANG and a pioneering aries like Lady Gaga.
To get a first glance at her core personality, let's look at her combination of sun, moon and ascendent sign.
Lady Gaga is an Aries with Scorpio Moon and Gemini Ascendent.

Her urge to transform and shock and break taboos that comes with the deep scorpio moon is expressed powerfully: Her aries sun gives her the strong will to go after what she wants and to express herself.
The gemini ascendent is favorable when it comes to verbally expressing herself, sharing her thoughts, communicating and connecting with people.
She wants to challenge the boundaries of self-expression, as in "how far can you go in the pursuit of being who you are?".

Having a very cardinal birth chart, she is someone who takes action and promotes change.
She constantly has to reinvent herself and the world around her, constantly go after something new.

Her moon is especially strong, since it conjuncts pluto, the ruler of the sign scorpio.
These planets fall into the part of her horoscope that deals with self expression, performance and art.
This part is intensified with scorpionian energy - she has a natural need and talent for performing.
She likes to reinvent herself, transform herself and make art that is shocking, extreme and grotesque.

The dominance of the elements fire and water furthermore shows that she is naturally a creative and expressive person rather than logical and practical.
She listen to her heart and gut rather than her head and is passionate and sensitive.

Lady Gagas Birth Chart

The artistic part of her horoscope is in a favorable relationship with her Midheaven, the point of fortune.
Through her art that breaks taboos, she will gain recognition and fame.
She even has Jupiter in its own sign, Pisces, on the midheaven, showing that she will be rich and abundant in her career and very successful with her art.

Mercury, the ruler of her ascendent is in this part of career as well.
With the planet of communication influencing her ascendent and career, she will have no problems expressing herself and it is a major theme of her life to be a sort of messenger.

Mars in her horoscope shows that she is really ambitious - it's the ruler of her sun and strongly placed in the sign of capricorn.
It is influenced by and works together with Uranus and Neptune in the 7th house.
This ambition to express herself and be unique is in the part of her horoscope that describes our relationships to others.
Her amibition is focused on what it can do for others and is also highly non-conforming, revolutionary and spiritual in nature.

In addition to her natural ambition that is focused on others, saturn shows a lot of discipline and a sense that she never quite works hard enough.

Talking about negativity in her chart: Although Lady Gaga is a very creative, ambitious and successful woman according to her chart, there's also some troubling parts.
Her influence of neptune and pisces shows that her ambition might be a bit misdirected at times, as if she doesn't know what she is doing, she just goes for it, because she'd rather act immediately rather than thinking it through first.
She has such a deep urge to go beyond former boundaries, to break free from prisons, that she can act impulsively and illogically.

This hazy, foggy, unclear influence of neptune and pisces also shows in her midheaven, her career:
Publically, she is highly misunderstood. Both as a person and the message of her creations/art/self-expression.

Furthermore, she seems to be a person that has had problems loving herself or feeling loved in the past or still does. She's had problems expressing herself and felt so powerless in being who she was that it now flipped to the other extreme: She always wants to radically and powerfully express herself and be in full control of who she defines herself as.
However, with her urge to always transform, always reinvent herself, this might clash and turn into a sort of identity crisis where she wants to become a person that is always changing.

Thank you for reading!! ♥
- Marina

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