02 September 2014

♡ HAIM Sisters ♡ Personality

Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon
The spiritual nurterer

I honestly thought Este would have a really fierce and powerful combination with some Aries or Scorpio in there.
Pisces and Taurus are actually super tender signs.
Este is definetly emotionally strong and fiercely loving. A great form of strength.

She has the best of both worlds, really. She's a combination of emotionally loving pisces and physically loving taurus. Although a real romantic, her love is expressed practically.
She's a cuddler, a nurturer.
She really thrives towards building a secure environment, she is stubbornly protective of her loved ones and really selfless and empathetic.
She holds onto what she loves with endurance.
Honestly, there's barely a combination that could be as loving as this one.

Being ruled by venus and neptune, she is super creative, artistic and musical!
She can easily be swept away in the arts, lose herself in the pleasure and beauty.

She's a bit otherworldy on the surface, all artsy-fartsy, intuitive and spiritual.
But underneath that surface, she is as solid as a rock, peaceful and resourceful.
Basically, she is super zen.

Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon
The reserved mom

Danielle is always described as the cool, reserved one.
Aquarius is actually the emotionally detached sign of the zodiac, the scientific one.
Aquarians like to challenge old systems, they're rebellious, eccentric and just different at all costs.
Anything but the usual.

Her cancer moon, however, gives her a strong connection to her moods and emotions as well as a deep need for emotional security and feeling at home.
She is definetly someone who accepts others flaws and quirks, even encourages others to open up and show them.
She herself is very honest and authentic, not afraid of being a weirdo.
This is a super cute combination, which is based around the theme "everybody being a unique weirdo is what connects us and makes us a family. Let's connect through showing each other how imperfect we are."

She really understands people, she likes helping others, she naturally feels motherly towards others.
This isn't usually expressed emotionally, though.
She is more of a friendship-kind of person who connects with others mentally and intelectually.
She probably worries about giving everyone an equal amount of attention, not wanting to neglect anyone, being the scientific mother that she is.

I feel like this sun/moon combination would also take pride in "not trying".
Most of all though, she is the weird unemotional and reserved mother.

Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon
The motivational speaker

Sagittarius is the sign that rules the butt and thighs in medical astrology, what a coincidence.
Another fun fact: Aries is the youngest sign, the baby of the zodiac.

On the day she was born, the moon changed signs at about 1am from Pisces to Aries so there's actually a tiny possibility of her actually having a pisces moon but i am pretty sure she's a lunar aries judging from her extroversion and energy level!!

Motivated by her moon sign, she is a real hero and fighter who always wants to be first, loves being challenged but hates losing.
She's really competetive and can be ego-centered, putting her wants and needs first.

In combination with the sagittarius sun, she really likes traveling and adventure, trying new things, expanding her horizons, stretching her comfort zone.
She is super into the idea of personal growth.
Alana is also very laid-back, childlike, positive and optimistic.
The kind of person who uses the world as their playground to try new things, to learn and have fun.
A human with the personality of a golden retriever.

She takes a lot of pride in education. She really needs to feel like she knows a lot about the world and has strong philosphical and religious viewpoints.
This can tend to make her brag about experiences she's had and give her a guru mentality like "I am really wise, Ive been to places, Ive met people, so everyone should listen to me give you advice. I can really teach you a thing or two with all those things that I know. LET ME LEAD YOU TO ENLIGHTENMENT."
She really has what it takes to be a religious leader.
(She kind of is one already, lets be honest.)

Thanks for reading!

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