23 September 2014

Happy Libra Season ♡♎

Hi everyone,
Libra season starts today and I wish all Libras a happy birthday!

This has to be my favorite season of the year, along with the Taurus season.
Which makes sense, because both those signs are ruled by Venus so they're naturally the most beautiful.

September and October marks the transition into autumn, where the wheather cools off without being too cold and you can start layering clothes and taking hot baths and watch the leaves change colors!!

Honestly, when I think of libras I always just think of preppy law students walking around with their group of friends on a beautiful campus in fall.

Libra is the scales and the symbol is often interpreted as such

Others say that it depicts a sunset.
Libra is balance, harmony.
When the hot glowing sun is drowned in a cool, blue ocean, the balance between two opposites is reached.
Libra season is definetly the time of the year with the most beautiful, dramatic and coloful sunsets.

In the whole of nature we can see this balance, actually.
It's not summer anymore, not yet cold and wintery.

Just like actual libra people, this season thrives from creating beauty and harmony.
Enjoy this time of the year!!!


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