09 September 2014

Rilakkuma ♡ Zodiac Sign Plushy ♡

I absolutely love Rilakkuma, I have a phonecase, phonecharm and socks from Rilakkuma (thank you sis).
Today, I found these really cute rilakkuma plushies in zodiac costumes!!
The Taurus and Scorpio ones are my faves but all of them are really adorable and so personal.
They're a cute gift idea but I'd personally make myself that gift haha
Check them out, shipping is free and international :)

♥ Aries  ♥ Taurus  ♥ Gemini  ♥ Cancer  
♥ Leo  Virgo ♥ Libra  ♥ Scorpio  
♥ Sagittarius  ♥ Capricorn  ♥ Aquarius  ♥ Pisces  

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