07 September 2014

The Leo Moon Girl ♡ The Primadonna ♡

The moon sign describes how we carry ourselves and what our general moods are.
It indicates our core desires and motivations - what we need to feel secure and emotionally fulfilled.

Someone with a leo moon, first and foremost, needs to feel loved, desired for their individuality.
They want to be adored.
Marina Diamandis has her moon in leo and Primadonna is the perfect song for this constellation.

♪ All I ever wanted was the world 

  • Leo is ruled by the Sun. Having the sign of the sun as their moon sign, they're very emotionally expressive to the point of being theatrical and self-dramatizing.
  • Lunar Leos are naturally very creative and need some way to express it. They can flourish in any art form but especially in performing arts like acting and dancing.
  • They can have high standards and enjoy luxury, because they believe they deserve the best.
  • They're natural sunshines. They're generally in a good mood and love spreading positivity, optimism and good vibes.

♪ I know I've got a big ego
I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though 

Famous Lunar Leo; Paris Hilton

  • They are very generous. They love giving presents and love as much as they love receiving it.
  • They take themselves very seriously, they can't take criticism well and they are too proud to admit defeat or ask for help.
  • Lunar leos are natural showmasters, they're very entertaining and can turn anything into fun and play.

♪ Living life like I'm in a play
In the lime light I want to stay 

  • They promote self love and confidence. They carry themselves like a princess and think that everybody should want to shine. They know that everyone is special and they will make you feel that way.
  • Lunar Leos can demand a lot of attention and need recognition in order to feel confirmed in their confidence. This is why they can also be really jealous. (There can only be one queen!)
  • These people won't hide emotions (because they physically can't), they won't brood over things and not tell you what's going on. They're passionate and direct and they will tell you what they think and feel, instead of making things complicated.

♪ Every day is a chore, chore, chore
When you give, I want more, more, more 

More Lunar Leo Women
Lana Del Rey, Jessie J, Amanda Seyfried, Dakota Fanning,
Megan Fox, Hayley Williams, Vivienne Westwood, Twiggy

Marina ♡


  1. another leo moon: amy poehler!
    i noticed leo moon people (i have leo moon friends) are the funniest people ever

    1. Ohh Amy Poehler!! Yes, leo moons definetly love fun so I guess that just comes naturally :)

  2. Oh this is totally me! Love it! Well said.


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