27 September 2014

Venus Seduction ♀ in the Zodiac Signs and Houses ♡

Venus is the inner goddess that uses charm and allure to wrap people around their finger.
It is the magnetic force of the anima, the beauty and affection of Aphrodite that seduces you.
Venus in our birth chart shows how and where we use this part of ourselves, our ability to draw people in, to fascinate and enchant them. To be beautiful and attractive.

Even the orbit of Venus looks like a flower..
Our inner Venus is as tender, soft, beautiful and fascinating as a blossom.

Venus is in it's home in the sign Libra of romance and fairness and in the sign Taurus of pleasure and nurturing.

Venus Fly Trap

 Active Seduction

♈ Aries Venus, the conquerer. They actively try to win you over and pursue you. More

♊ Gemini Venus seduces with words. Their seductive talk is intelligent and witty. More

♌ Leo Venus will bend over backwards to impress you and be generous and flashy. More

♎ Libra Venus creates romantic settings and uses charm to seduce you. More

♐ Sagittarius Venus takes you out on adventures and shows you a whole new world like Aladdin or Tarzan. More

♒ Aquarius Venus treats you like a close friend and connects with you on an intellectual level. More

 Passive Seduction 

♉ Taurus Venus is sensual and passionate. More

♋ Cancer Venus is nurturing and maternal. More

♍ Virgo Venus is at your service and a perfectionist when it comes to love and beauty. More

♏ Scorpio Venus draws you in like a siren by being mysterious and fascinating. More

♑ Capricorn Venus is sophisticated and knows how to play it cool.  More

♓ Pisces Venus is dreamy, a hopeless romantic and seduces you with their pure and innocent love. More

 Life Areas 

House 1 Venus uses their charm and ability to seduce as a part of their identity, charm is a part of their personality and self-expression.

House 2 Venus affects our self-worth. Our idea of how beautiful and charming we are goes hand-in-hand with how valuable we think we are.

House 3 Venus is a charming conversationalist. They can talk people into anything and seduce through communication.

House 4 Venus loves building beauty and harmony at home and within their family and they grew up learning that charm is an important trait

House 5 Venus loves art and expressing themselves through the way they dress (and impress). They're one of the greates lovers with a big appreciation for the pleasures in life.

House 6 Venus uses their charm and ability to seduce around their co-workers and at the workplace in general. They are usually popular in their job and easily get promoted.

House 7 Venus is the flirt. They love dating and romance, they are in love with love and great romantic partners.

House 8 Venus uses their charm and ability to seduce to get what they want - it's a form of personal power, they like to really understand other people, their unconscious and how to play with it.

House 9 Venus loves getting in contact with people from all cultures, they love bringing people together to educate and be educated, they like taking in other peoples points of views to expand their knowledge of the world.

House 10 Venus uses their charm and ability to seduce for their career and social status, to be recognized for their inner and outer beauty.

House 11 Venus uses their charm and ability to seduce in their groups of friends - they're negotiators and can bring people together to collaborate.

House 12 Venus tends to hide and surpress their ability to be charming. They have difficulties expressing affection and are shy about showing interest in someone.

Marina ♡


  1. Wow this is so interesting! Great post :)
    Hayley xx

  2. Marina!! Venus in Cancer is missing :'(

  3. that Uranian girl31 December 2016 at 03:32

    Yes, I'm Venus in late Pisces in the 10th house (Rising late Gemini) and I definitely love others deeply.


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