12 September 2014

Virgo ♍ The Maiden of the Harvest ♡

It is currently virgo season, the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest.
The virgo constellation is associated with many mythological creatures and goddesses representing harvest.

This is how we can understand this zodiac signs aims and goals: To reap.
To have hard work pay off. To be industrious and to find the most refined and productive way of living.
Virgo is all about perfectionism, of getting more out of things, of making them the best possible version.
This is kind of like Virgos treat themselves and other people around them: Like projects.

Virgos are associated with mechanics, scientists and librarians.
They are the most analytical sign.
Being ruled by mercury, the planet of logic, and being an earth sign, they always seek to understand things in the most practical way.
They are the "hands on" sign, that learns through doing and applying, trying things out, taking stuff apart, rather than reading or thinking about it.

They're definetly the detective types, they want to find out stuff, undertstand everything.

The Virgin

As the name suggests, Virgos are also associated with virgins.
However, in ancient terms, this simply meant being a woman that is unmarried, without a man.
Virgo is a female zodiac sign but super capable.
They're really skilled and clever and can work out things and get them done without any man's help.

That's probably my favorite thing about virgo, they are street smart.
They usually do like reading, but most of their skills come from real life application.

This is not the sign of the independent women, though.
Virgo is on the western hemisphere of the zodiac, which means that this sign is oriented towards others. In fact, virgo is the sign of service.
All their knowledge and capabilities are aimed at benefiting others, at helping.
Virgos rule the part of the horoscope that has to do with working, chores, co-workers and health.

Ruling health in the horoscope, virgos are also associated with nurses.
They are servants with refined skills, that help improve others (like projects), so that they can be more capable again, regain their strength (harvest).

With health also comes the broader meaning of finding "the healthy middle" of things.
Virgos are really modest and reserved. 
They fear doing anything inapproapriate, over-the-top.
Because they are so practically analytical, they tend to think in boxes.
They are so afraid of chaos, that they want to fit in boxes themselves.
"I want to fit in, be a healthy member of society, do things 'right', serve others and don't want to stick out of the crowd."
Virgos want to be respected for how hard they work and serve others as well as their modesty and purity. Kind of like a virgin.

"If your girlfriend ain't a virgo, I feel bad for you son."

Thank you for reading :)