24 September 2014

Zoe "Zoella" Sugg ♡ Astrology Reading

In Zoe's recent vlog, she looked through old pictures and baby albums in the attic of her parent's house and flipped through a page that said not only her birthdate but also time and place!!!
I am probably very creepy for this but I almost jumped up to go and calculate her birth chart, because I now had the correct data... 
Anyways, this is my interpretation of her chart!!

Her whole personality, the center of her chart, is Aries.
She has the sun, moon and ascendent, the three building blocks of the personality, and mercury, in Aries. And those are in the part of her horoscope ruled by Aries!
Zoe is the epitome of an Aries girl.

Aries is the hero - they are brave and put actions before words.
They like to lead, they like being challenged, but even more so, they like to win.
Aries girls are enthuasiastic and and full of energy and get excited super easily.
They have puppy personalities and that's why they're so charismatic.
Aries is direct and simple and always needs action.
They're playful and innocent children at heart.

Her life is focused on finding a sense of identity, finding out what makes her the person she is.
She really needs to develop a strong sense of self, of who Zoe is, what makes up her personality and mentality.
She naturally is expressive and witty, likes to communicate and share about herself.

Her moon squaring saturn indicates that she had to grow up very quickly.
She started emotionally maturing early in life, which made her independent but feeling emotionally unfulfilled.
This makes a person that holds on to negativity, especially from the past, and has problems feeling fulfilled. They always feel like there's something lacking, because their inner child was neglected.

She has a good equal distribution on the four elements, which means that she has an even temper.
However, she doesn't have any mutable influences and is very cardinal.
What that means is that she can be very impulsive - always wanting to promote change and do new, different, exciting stuff.
She is restless and never quite explores one thing for too long, always wanting to go on, move on, see more things, explore more possibilities.
"Just say yes" really is her motto, always bringing herself to stretch her comfort zone and initiate action.

Zoe's Birth Chart

Love Life 
Next, I'm going to look at her Mars, the ruler of Aries and, therefore, of her personality.
It's our drive for action, our passion. It falls in Zoe's part of the horoscope that has to do with groups of friends, people who share our ambitions, like-minded people.
She definetly is a person who fights for the collective, something bigger than herself.
Mars being conjunct venus in Aquarius, planet of affection, shows that she is very collegial.
She is more so a friendship-person than a passionate romantic and she easily gets along with many people.
Saturn also shows that she naturally takes on responsibility in friendship circles, she takes them very seriously and is always worried about doing good in this area of life.

Her venus in the 12th house indicates a very sympathetic and loving nature.
In fact, she feels like she has to keep on giving love to feel validated, but she never quite receives love as easily as she gives.
She is service-oriented, loves people easily but finds it hard being loved.
This is made even stronger through a harsh angle to pluto in the seventh house.

She has to struggle for empowerment in relationships.
She probably has been victimized and without any sense of control in her relationships.
The supportive angle with neptune shows that this powerlessness might not have been publically visible, seen in distorted ways.
In combination with her neglect of receiving love I would interpret this as her having made experiences with relationships where she felt powerless, like she gave without receiving and it never quite showed in this way publically.
Although she struggled for personal empowerment in relationships, there was a part that kept romanticizing this struggle.

Her challenge here is to free herself out of victimizing relationships, rise above them, see the harsh reality and then find love that is build upon selflessness and friendship.

Home vs Career
Zoe has a strong emphasis on the axis that rules home and family life vs public life and career.
It's one of her biggest tasks in life to blend them and find harmony between them.

In her home life, there's a strong jupiter. This is really favorable.
She enjoyed a happy childhood and a close relationship with her family and generous parents.
This is something that influenced her psychologically from an early age; it has influenced her view on life, her morals - to  always treasure your loved ones.
Family and roots come first, because it's the highest and most precious thing in life, "don't forget where you belong".

She will never be short of people who love and admire her. This is at home.
But it can equally be seen in her career, expressed in different ways:
She has uranus and neptune in her career part of the horoscope.
Uranus is anything revolutionary and different - which her career certainly is.
Uranus has to do with new inventions, with electronics and social media and this definetly is the theme of her career.
This is blended together with neptune, which makes any part of the horoscope lose touch with reality.
Her public image is one that is idealized, romanticized, not seen realistically.

This can be seen either of two ways - her career is seen as more perfect than it is and / or Zoe herself is seen as more perfect than she is.
Neptune, however, is in a weak position in her chart and in a challenging aspect to mercury.
Mercury is communication and I would interpret this as her sort of breaking the rose-tinted glasses through which people see her by actually sharing and talking about the down-sides of  her life, her flaws in personality so that people can eventually realize she's not living the perfect dream life all the time and stop romanticizing her.

This mercury is conjunct her sun, her self - which is in a hard relationship with her revolutionary career and her abundant home life.
Through her actions and communication she can eventually break the tension between the opposing private and public life.

I hope you enjoyed this, tell me who I should analyse next :)
Marina ♡


  1. I watch her on YouTube all the time!! It's so neat how you've figured all of this out, you have a talent. I'm still learning about my own chart. Your blog on Tumblr is one of my favorites so I'm glad I've followed you on here!

    1. Thank you so much :3 It's more so a skill than a talent, there is so much to learn but it's so fascinating!!!

  2. Aw this is so sweet! It's so weird because I started following Zoe way before she even did Youtube and I followed her blog. It's crazy to think how far she has come! x

    1. That's so cool, that's years ago!!! Thank you for reading x

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