11 October 2014

3 Things each Zodiac Sign needs in a Relationship

Figuring out whether someone needs Sun or Moon Nurturing
The Moon indicates how our emotions need to be nurtured.
The Sun indicates how our ego needs to be nurtured.

Usually, women's needs are expressed more through the moon, while men's needs are expressed more through the sun.
This is not so much dependent on a person's sex as it as on whether they have more feminine, receptive energy or more masculine, assertive energy.

You can check this by looking at what elements in a chart are strongest. This is just one approach.

  • Fire and Air dominants make someone more masculine in their approach, someone who needs more ego/sun nurturing.
  • Water and Earth dominants make someone more feminine in their approach, someone who needs more emotional/moon nurturing.

The 3 Things each Zodiac Signs needs;

Aries ; Action, Admiration, Caring
They need to feel like your hero.
Let them win, don't call them out on seeing everything as a challenge.

Taurus ; Authenticity, Sensuality, Stability
They don't like change, they want to be able to count on you.
Create rituals with them and cuddle them.

Gemini ♊ ; Excitement, Variety, Communication
Most of all, they fear getting bored of a person or relationship.
Never get in a routine, try new things with them.

Cancer ♋ ; Safety, Nurturing, Memories
They want to feel at home with you.
A emotional connection is their #1 priority and they want to be able to open up and express their emotions so you shouldn't be uncomfortable with these things.

Leo ♌ ; Entertainment, Adoration, Pride
They need grand gestures and compliments.
Most of all, they want to be spoiled and spoil others.
Make them feel special and adored.

Virgo ♍ ; Encouragement, Feeling needed, Reliability
Give them a feeling of great significance, ask them for help.
They always want to fix things for others, show them how much you appreciate it.

Libra ♎ ; Pleasing, Romance, Equality
They like being able to count on each other, benefit from each other..
The sign of libra is in love with relationships that rely on equal amounts of giving and taking.
They hate arguments. Make it pleasing and peacful.

Scorpio ♏ ; Truth, Control, Intimacy
Scorpio doesn't trust easily and making them believe that you are their ally and are never planing any conspiracies or unfaithfulness is the key thing.
Even though they are scared of opening up, they do seek ultimate closeness and honesty.
Making the first step makes it easier for them.

Sagittarius ♐ ; Freedom, Adventure, Honesty
Sagittarius seeks an adventure buddy, a partner in crime.
They want to travel the world with you, philosophize and learn.
Intelligence and recklessness keeps relationships with them alive.

Capricorn ♑ ; Responsibility, Recognition, Sincerity
Most of all, a capricorn wants to be respected and taken seriously.
Show them that you recognize their efforts and hard work.
Give them responsibility, it makes them feel like you trust in their abilities.

Aquarius ♒ ; Individuality, Space, Friendship
Aquarius isn't very romantic, they like buddy-like relationships, where evrybody is free to do and be what they want but can still always count on the other person.
Give them room to breathe, don't pressure them.

Pisces ♓ ; Understanding, Connection, Faith
They want to become one with their partner; they can be very dependable.
However, they're also really sacrificing, empathetic and romantic.
Give back to them and don't let this selflessness be one-sided.

Marina :)


  1. I've been reading through your posts and I think I've fallen in love with your blog!

  2. This is so accurate! I do seek an adventure buddy! I have to practice letting my boyfriend "win" ! LOL. Great post! Glad I found this blog.
    Jhanelle| www.bodhilace.com

  3. I agree with the sentiments expressed here. How can I pin this to my Pinterest to share?