28 October 2014

5 Steps To Understanding A Sagittarius

1. They are idealistic

and lack realism

Sagittarius are so full of life, they're super idealistic and optimistic
They're all about the ~good vibes~ and the ~positive energy~.
But they also run away from problems and responsibilities because that's "too much negativity" for them.
They hate mundane stuff and they'd much rather ignore anything that drags them down - which is everything except for traveling and philosophizing.

"No problem is too big to run away from."
Charles M. Schulz, Sagittarius

Sagittarius just don't care about "important" stuff because, frankly, to them, it's not important.
To them, it's much more about the BIG piucture and the BIG questions of life.
which leads us to #2...

2. They are philosophers

and moral preachers

Sagittarius take lots of journeys - both geographically and those within the mind.
They are wise and they know it.
This is why they develop a sort of guru or mentor mentality.
They think that they know all about how to live a happy and fulfilled life and will tell you all about it, even if you didn't ask.
They're on this moral high horse of self-righteousness where they will go "I don't do anything wrong, I am very moral and good!"
The role of the Sagittarius literally is, though, to learn and teach.
They want to share wisdom and knowledge and can sometimes forget that they can also learn from others.

3. They are honest

and tactless

A Sagittarius simply does not have a filter.
They will immediately say what they think, they don't have control over it.
The upside: They are honest.
The downside: They are also super tactless
They are so straightforward and direct, it's refreshing, but it can also be hurting!
Just be aware of this: if they're rude, they probably don't mean it.
However, don't try paying them back.
Sagittarius can't take criticism themselves.
They do have a big ego, so they're actually hurt easily.

4. They are farsighted

and lazy

Sagittarius can spend so much time thinking about the future and the journeys they are going to take,
planning ahead and daydreaming.
Sagittarius plan ahead instead of doing something now because that would just be a burden of responsibility and they're just too lazy to start.
They're big in procrastination.

"All our dreams can come true if we have to courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney, Sagittarius

To get a sagittarius started on any project, just tell them that it's going to be an adventure, that it's going to make them grow as a person.
The more you act like a parent telling them to be more serious and get stuff done the less they will want to do it.

5. They are free spirits

and fear commitment

Sagittarius are the travelers and adventurers, they are always on a journey.
They always need a plan out of anything they do, they want to be able to pack their bags and go whenever they want.
A sagittarius just wishes that everything in life came with "no strings attached", qutting a job or school or relationships whenever.
Because, clearly, ending it properly is ~ too much responsibility and negativity ~.
That's why they like keeping things loose and casual, eyes always on the exit sign.
If you give them enough freedom for them to be and do what they want, they're very loyal though.
Not giving them room just freaks them out.

"If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about posession, it's about appreciation."
Osho, Sagittarius

How much better do you understand the Sagittarius in your life now?
Tell me what you think :)



  1. This just summed up my whole personality. Woah.
    Also how pretty are you even :--3

    1. Ahh great :3 mine as well, I'm such a sag too!!
      Thank you so much hehe

  2. As a Taurus I am quite the opposite of these, but luckily after 6 years with my Sagittarius man I understand him almost completely. I like how he's so different because we balance each other out.

    1. This is so cute and one of my favourite things about astrology: Understanding and appreciating people even when theyre completely different! :)

  3. Super accurate!!! This is me 100%.

  4. Thank you for the wonderfully humorous article Marina! :-D. All of the description that you've written here are conmpletely true I don't even need to provide you anymore explanations ;-).

  5. Why thank you, Marina! :-*. All of the descriptions above are so true! I don't have any explanations to give you. Have a great day! <3<3<3<3.

    From, Tasya Situmorang (Indonesia).


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