27 October 2014

7 Astrology Fiction Novels

As much as I love astrology books, sometimes the theoretical and heavy subjects can get tiring and all I want to do is read an exciting fiction book..
So I actually found some novels around the subjects of astrology!
There aren't too many - there are tons of greek mythology novels, though, which is kind of related to it.
But these are some I found that are actually about Astrology itself! 
And they all have good ratings!!!

The Star Crossed Series by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Description of the first book:
Aquarius Logan McRae is a high school sophomore in Terra Bella Beach, CA and has been working all semester to impress her teachers in order to get into the summer writing camp she desperately wants to attend. But when this ordinary girl finds an extraordinary book, Fearless Astrology, her life is changed forever. Applying what she’s learned about the zodiac, she lands her own column in the school paper and a date with the hottest guy in school!
But when Logan threatens to catch the members of a secret society called The Gears, who have been vandalizing school property by reading the stars, she quickly learns that she is in over her head. Will Logan be able to catch The Gears, save her love life, keep her newspaper column, and get into the writing camp of her dreams all through the use of astrology?

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Jepp, Who Defied The Stars by Katherine Marsh

Is it written in the stars from the moment we are born? 
Or is it a bendable thing that we can shape with our own hands? 
Jepp of Astraveld needs to know. 
He left his countryside home on the empty promise of a stranger, only to become a captive in a luxurious prison: Coudenberg Palace, the royal court of the Spanish Infanta. Nobody warned Jepp that as a court dwarf, daily injustices would become his seemingly unshakable fate. If the humiliations were his alone, perhaps he could endure them; but it breaks Jepp's heart to see his friend Lia suffer. 
After Jepp and Lia attempt a daring escape from the palace, Jepp is imprisoned again, alone in a cage. Now, spirited across Europe in a kidnapper's carriage, Jepp fears where his unfortunate stars may lead him. But he can't even begin to imagine the brilliant and eccentric new master-a man devoted to uncovering the secrets of the stars-who awaits him. Or the girl who will help him mend his heart and unearth the long-buried secrets of his past.

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The Star Child Trilogy by Jared R. Lopatin

Description of the first book:
Most people have read a horoscope or two in a newspaper or magazine. Some read theirs every day. But what if your sign wasn't just an amusing pastime or the answer to a bad pick up line? What if it was the key to your true identity? What if your Sign gifted you with certain abilities? 

The first novel in the Star Child Trilogy, RISING SIGN heralds the birth of the Star Child, the only one who can protect the universe from a deadly threat. On a seemingly ordinary day in Philadelphia, an unwelcome visitor awakens Tim Dalis to the Star Child's world, a world of astrological power. As decreed by prophecy, he is one of the twelve guardians of the Child. Now, as time ticks down to the fated birth, he has to find other guardians, locate and protect the Star Child, and avoid a powerful enemy who seeks to destroy any chance of success. No horoscope could have told him this was going to happen!

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I hope you liked this :-)
Tell me what you think about "astrology novels" and whether you have read any of them or are planning on doing so!

♡ Marina ♡


  1. just put these on my birthday list!! these are perfect!

    1. Nice! :)
      They do sounds so interesting and different, definitely putting them on mine as well!

  2. Nice post ! I love astrology I also purchase monthly horrorscope book.Indian astrology is one of the ancient science that have helped millions of people around the world to know about their future. This science evolved as a result of the efforts made by ancient scholars, saints who noticed the movement of heavenly bodies and record their impact on planet earth and on the lives of the people who live around the world. This science is much more ancient than the western and was present even when the western world did not have any idea about astrology. Today astrology runs with the help of certain tools like horoscopes charts and natal charts.


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