20 October 2014

Confidence and Insecurity ★ Jupiter & Saturn

If you understand the planets in the chart as the different voices inside of you, the social planets jupiter and saturn are the encouraging and the disencouraging chatter in your head.

Jupiter is the mentor.
Full of optimism, confidence and wisdom, always wanting to explore, expand and being the motivational speaker in your head.

Saturn is the authoritative parental figure in your head, disciplining you, bringing you back into reality, making you fearful and insecure.

Jupiter and saturn are considered the social planets - showing where we received encouragement and where we received disencouragement from our environment.
These imprinted themselves into our psychological makeup and show where in life we are most confident and optimistic and where we are most insecure and fearful.

It also shows where we are naive and where our luck can leave us (jupiter) vs where we work hard and are very responsible (saturn).

While saturn shows pessimism, it also shows healthy realism.
Saturn also makes us learn how to respect ourselves.
Saturn teaches us how to realize our own authority, to not sell ourselves short and to expect to be taken seriously.

Jupiter is abundance and luck but can also be the part within ourselves that is too relaxed and pushes their luck.
Its the energy that is way too confident, preachy and self-righteous.

Ultimately, the lesson for both social planets is that, in the end, both respect and conifdence come from within and not from without.

People can respect you and stroke your ego, look up to you as much as they want, but, in life, you will notice more and more that this does not mean anything if you don't look at yourself like that.
Equally, people could be looking at you as a dumb piece of scum but as long as you have the right relationship with yourself, this won't really bother you.

Your birth chart, I have learned, shows your karmic makeup as well as your conditions in early life, but, as we grow up, those gods outside of ourselves are realized to be inside of us and we learn how to personally work with them.

The self-awareness gained through astrology is a great help in this process.

♡ Marina

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