24 October 2014

Happy Scorpio Season ♏

Scorpio season is obviously Halloween season.
Its the time of year where we retreat inwards, light candles and ponder over life.
The time we spend on bonfires telling scary stories, considering how much there is in reality we see (or don't), try using a ouija board, and talk about deep stuff.
This time devoted to the creepy, other-worldly stuff, questioning what we know, the short days and long nights.
One of my favourite things about astrology is definetly seeing how these archetypes of the zodiac signs show everywhere in life, not just in people.
Scorpios are the deep and dark types, mysterious, questioning everything.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of life and death, of transformation.
Nature dies in the scorpio season, only to be resurrected and transformed with the coming spring.
Rising like a phoenix.

For me personally, the scorpio season stands for my anniversary of studying astrology!!
The symbolic meaning of the scorpio season and me starting to study this subject were always kind of connected to me - astrology is a deep subject, its psychological and such a mystery!
And every year around this time, my passion and interest is rekindled!

Anyways, I hope you're all enjoying this time of the year!
Spend it questioning the world and having some deep philosophical conversations in a dark room with a single candle lit haha


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