18 October 2014

Pisces ♓ The Savior and the Savee ♡

The symbol for the zodiac sign of pisces depicts two fish swimming into different directions but being tied together on one axis.
Like salmons jumping in rivers, all following down the same stream but flipping around in ecstasy.

Fish don't have any bones, they're as bendable and flexible as Pisces is adaptable and changeable.
At the same time, though, they lack stability.

There's lots of people who are 'pescetarian', meaning that they don't eat meat - except for fish.
They usually justify this by saying that fish are 'cold-blooded'.
Let's be real though, it doesn't make them any less of a living being than a cow or a chicken.

From a spiritual perspective, though, fishes are considered the animals with the least resistence to death.
It is said that they're not afraid of dying because they are so surrendering, being carried away with the flow of rivers and oceans.
They live without resistence, are not attached to living.

A pisces is someone that is really surrendering to the flow of life.

Being so surrendering, giving up control, letting yourself be swept away with the stream of life makes Pisces quite passive and dependent.
They have really finely tuned antennae, can pick up moods and atmospheres and adapt to them.
Like a fish immersed in the sea and drawn with it, a pisces surrenders to the movements of the atmosphere and is immersed in the emotional sphere.

Ultimately, Pisces seeks oneness and ecstasy.
They want to reach the dissolving of boundaries and reach a state of transcendence.
Their boundaries are naturally really weak and they are thin-skinned individuals.

They want to lose themselves. Like a fish in the stream, they want to dissolve within someone or something.
That's why they're really empathetic and make great romantics, artists, .... and drug addicts.

Pisceans are escapists. While this can mean that they need lots of introverted alone-time or being drawn in by books, movies, shows or the creative process, it also, sadly, often means drug abuse.
They want to reach this state of oneness and ecstasy and drugs can be one way to get there.
Pisces feels like they aren't made to exist in the real, mundane world.

Pisces can easily develop addictions, to drugs, gambling, shopping, caffeine, nicotine, people...
They like drowning themselves in things to forget about their seperateness.
They drink like a fish. (joking) (kind of)

They're quite trusting and naive, because they're such empathetic people and their boundaries are so dissolved.
"What you feel, I feel. What you go through, I go through with you."

Depending on their character they tend to fall into one of either category; savior or savee.

The empathetic nature can be taken advantage of easily and they always want to "rescue" people, "fix" them.
On the other hand, someone who has lost touch with reality too much can become someone who always needs rescuing by others.

Pisces is the sign of endings, dissolving, completion.
It stands for  the release of death, going back to unity, oneness with the universe, bodilessness, transcendence.
It's the last sign in the zodiac wheel. Pisces season is the last season in the astrological year, just before spring begins, fresh and youthful with the sign of aries.
Pisces is usally not very attached to the physical realm, they're spacey, caught up in their mind more than their body.

Just keep swimming, pisces.

♡ Marina

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