07 October 2014

Venus in Leo / Leo in Love

Any planet in the sign of Leo becomes very playful and dramatic and is almost acted out as if it were taking part in a theatre play.
For the planet Venus, this is a really nice place to be.
Venus shows our affinity towards and expression of art, romance, beauty, relating and anything that brings pleasure.

Romance & Relationships
Somebody born with Venus in Leo will be a very generous lover.
They love, live and laugh whole-heartedly.
They know the pleasure of loving and being loved and enjoy grand, romantic gestures.

Their charm is playful, sometimes even cocky and they will act very confidently around people they are attracted to.
Their technique of seduction is playing the all-mighty king or queen that will set the whole nation in motion to make you happy.

They can be a bit over-the-top when it comes to romance.
Relationships in general, actually.
"How could you? I gave you my all!"
They act like their relationships and friendships take place in a melodramatic spanish soap opera.
The good part is, these people really are the most warm-hearted and generous.
But they do expect the same from others and can freak out when others don't pay the love back.
Venus in Leos are also really loyal.
They make the best long-term friends.
And if you can keep up with their melodramatic display of their fiery, undying love, they will also make great long-term lovers.

"Special" and "proud" are the two key things a Venus in Leo wants to feel like in a relationship.
They think it's really important that their partner really makes them feel like they're irreplacable.
They don't want to be one in many.
Venus in Leo really believes in The One.
They also need to feel like their partner is proud of being with them, they enjoy being the trophy girlfriend or boyfriend and they, in turn, also want to be able to be proud of the person they're with.
They wouldn't date someone they don't respect.

Venus in Leo makes a really loving, loyal and encouraging partner.

Art, Music
Venus in Leos are naturally drawn to expressive arts.
They like theatre, singing, dancing and acting. They're the great showmasters, charmers and performers. They can also do well with fashion.
Their style of art is active, creative and playful.
Some examples of famous Venus in Leos are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Selena Gomez, Amy Winehouse, Daniel Radcliffe, Coco Chanel, Madonna and Jennifer Lawrence.

Leo is the sign of celebration and will use any occasion to throw a party.
Venus in leo loves having people come together, they love festivity and they are really good at organizing glamorous, unique and unforgettable events.

Lastly, I would like to share this song with you which I have been listening to all the time lately and which, I think, expresses Venus in Leo really well. (also there's a line that says "whats your sign" so..)

"If you think romance is dead and gone,
find an old juke box full of 45s,
pop a nickel in it and dance with me"

Marina :)

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