05 October 2014

Which Modern Family Character Are You? ♥ Zodiac Signs

The Fire Signs
Aries - Gloria
passionate, loud, egoistic

Leo - Cameron
theatrical, generous, dramatic

Sagittarius - Luke
idealistic, optimistic, adventurous

The Earth Signs
Taurus - Jay
indulgent, pragmatic, traditional

Virgo - Claire
industrious, nitpicky, reserved

Capricorn - Mitchell
reasonable, hesitant, image-conscious

The Air Signs

Gemini - Phil
witty, youthful, sociable

Libra - Manny
romantic, classy, indecisive

Aquarius - Alex
scientific, distanced, individualistic

The Water Signs
Cancer - Andy
motherly, dependent, sensitive

Scorpio - Lily
intense, provocative, dark

Pisces - Haley
escapist, subjective, artistic

♡ Marina 

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