26 October 2014

Zodiac Signs Biggest Fears ☾ Halloween Special ☽

Aries ♈ Compromise

Aries is the bravest sign of the zodiac, mostly because they don't take the time to think before they act. They fear being unable to act, being second or having to give up their personal vision and assertion in order to find a middle way. They are heroes when you let them do what they want but if their actions are restricted, if you let them wait (they're really impatient), it drives them crazy.

Taurus ♉ Change

A Taurus feels most comfortable with routines and traditions.
They're stubborn and hate to change their minds about things.
Their personal idea of horror is abrupt change that they are not in control of.
They'd much rather think well and long before they change absolutely anything, so being forced to immediately adjust to changes they did not plan is horror to them.

Gemini ♊ Boredom

Gemini is the most mentally active of all the signs, the born multitasker who always wants to explore and learn, be entertained and informed, infotained, so to say.
They're nervous and impatient and the most horrible thing, to them, is being bored.
Nothing is more torturing than waiting with nothing to do, having no variety and no changes in routine.

Cancer ♋ Abandonment

Cancer seeks emotional connection like no other sign. They want to provide and be provided for. They want to feel the mutual exchange of love and nurturing.
Being left by the ones they love, especially the family or the significant other, is their biggest fear.
They can't function without loving and being loved.

Leo ♌ Neglection

Leo like attention, they like being adored, they like feeling like people actually love and appreciate them.
When people don't pay enough attention to them, or even worse: if people forget about them, don't include them in their plans, if a Leo feels they aren't likeable or important in other people's lives, it makes them feel absolutely horrible!

Virgo ♍ Chaos

Virgos are the organizers and the planers, they want to be in control of how everything works out.
If their life turns into complete chaos, if the workload is growing over their heads, if people aren't following their instructions, if things break - that is a virgo nightmare!
Even if their own room isn't all that tidy, in their own minds, they know exactly where everything is.

Libra ♎ Being alone

Libra is the most social of the signs, it is the partnership sign.
They thrive from interacting with others, they love nothing more than happy friendships and happy relationships.
Being alone freaks them out because they don't have anyone to mutually rely on and it makes them feel worthless and without direction.
Dying alone and not having anyone in general is horror for a Libra.

Scorpio ♏ Powerlessness

A scorpio wants to be in control.
They want to control how much of themselves they're willing to share with others, they want to control how they feel and how they express that.
Scorpios are so afraid of losing power over relationships, situations and their own emotions that they can be rather obsessive.
They just take these things very seriously and powerlessness is their personal nightmare.

Sagittarius ♐ Commitment

A sagittarius always needs a way out, so they hate committing.
They don't want to make up their minds for good, they want to be free to change their minds whenever they want to.
Signing a work contract, attached strings in relationships, being tied to one place geographically, the commitment of children or pets, anything that will give them responsibility they cant chicken out of is their personal idea of horror.

Capricorn ♑ Disrespect

The most horrible thing to a capricorn is not being taken seriously.
A capricorn hates not being listened to, feeling like they have no authority or feeling small.
Most of all, they need to be respected by others and feel like they have personal influence.
Disrespect and belittlement is their nightmare.

Aquarius ♒ Confinement

Aquarius is the free spirit and the rebel and their biggest fear is being confined.
They want both the freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want, but also the freedom to think for themselves, to have their own mindset and worldview.
They're progressive and different thinkers and, most of all, they need their personal space to live out their individuality.

Pisces ♓ Being overwhelmed

Pisces simply can't deal with the "real world". They hate mundane chores and routines, they hate crowded places, being busy.
They need to withdraw and reflect a lot so being restricted by overwhelming things like school and work is absolotuely horrible for them.

Happy Halloween!

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