01 November 2014

Day of the Dead - Scorpio Values

It's the Day of the Dead aka Día de Muertos today!
This is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the loved ones that have passed away with colorful flower decorations on graves, altars and festivity.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I think that this is great, because it shows a very important theme in astrology:
The sign Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto are associated with the things that were once labeled "sacred" but are now "taboo".
In many cultures nowadays, death is a taboo topic and connected to grief and pain.
But this day actually celebrates the dead ones, honors them.

In the same way, Scorpio and Pluto also rule sex, which is now considered a "taboo topic". When, really, sex is a sacred union and not a dirty or wrong thing.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated on the 1st of November, the day after Halloween, the middle of Scorpio season.
Scorpio rules immaterial posessions. It is about values and wisdom and truth.
What are the things we own that will stay with us even if our bodies are decomposing?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The popular Sugar Skull makeup tradition of this holiday invites us to think about who we are, what really matters.
Who are we at the end of the day? Who are we really - at the end of our lives? What defines us?

The only things you really own are those you take to your grave with you.
It's no material things, it's no reputation, job or popularity.
It's not our name or other factors of personal identity.
It is nothing but our wisdom and consciousness.

This is an amazing short film that really shows the spirit of Día de Muertos!
Give it a watch, I absolutely loved it!


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