23 November 2014

Happy Sagittarius Season! ♐

Wishing you a happy new zodiacal season has become a tradition on this blog so I wanted to do the same with this starting sagittarius season :)
It starts on the 22nd of November and ends on the 21st of December and is associated with the time of advent.

This might be the darkest season of the year, with the shortest days, but candles are lit and become very important in this time of the year.
This is not merely meant in the literal way of the advent candles.
I wanted to share one of my favourite stories with you which represents the theme of sagittarius:

A man was sitting in a dark room, when a friend came to visit him.
The friend asked him "Why are you sitting in a dark room?"
And the man answered "Well, it's dark outside, so clearly it would also be dark on the inside."
The friend said: "But why don't you light a candle?"
The man, shocked, said: "How could I light a candle as long as it's dark outside?"

The house, the inside, is a metaphor for our inner life, while the outside represents our lives.
The man didn't understand that you can have a light within yourself, can be happy and optimistic, even when the conditions in your life may be hard and rough right now.

This really represents the sagittarius spirit: They have this inner light that never goes out, they are the most optimistic.
It's a lot more about your passion and idealism on the inside, than the favourable and easy conditions on the outside.
Sagittarius has understood this. They are the happy-go-lucky sign..

Advent is obviously also a very religious time, at least in the christian world.
Either way, though, the candle represents seeking the inner truth, belief, morality and philosophy.
This applies to all religions, which is a theme ruled by Sagittarius.

It's also the time where we open advent calendar doors each morning, pig out on treats and celebrate life fully, before the fasting period starts.
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, so everything is very overdone (christmas decorations), celebratory and indulgent during this time.

Enjoy this candle-lit sagittarius season!! :)


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