30 November 2014

Most Succesful Professions for the Zodiac Signs

Now that I study sociology and I focus more on "mass psychology" rather than the individual and I am learning about statistics, this is something I really have been getting into.
Maybe looking at overall patterns can tell us more about the signs than an individual?
I heard that, statistically, one of the most accurate things related to the astrological chart is the predicted profession.
Most people with mars on the midheaven, have a career in the military, for example, and most people with jupiter on the midheaven are politicians.


These statistics I have found are ranked by the amount of famous people of each zodiac sign in the respective fields of profession as listed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Micropaedia 1974 edition.
(yes, it's a bit old, but i guess the zodiac signs and professions are timeless, although the latter do change a bit with time..)

How to read this

The lines show the professions and the columns show the zodiac signs.
The number stands for the place the respective sign ranks in this professions.
For example: In the line of Politics, in the column for Aries it says "3".
This means that, out of the 12 Zodiac Signs, Aries is the third most succesful and famous in the field of politics (calculated by amount of professionals of the sign in this field).

I'm a Sagittarius and I am majoring in Sociology where I rank #4 and minoring in Linguistic where I rank #1. Nice.

#1 Profession for the Signs

For an easier overview, I thought I'd list this:

Aries: Scholars-Critics, Mathematics, Invention-Engineering, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Actors & Actresses
Taurus: Geographic Explorers
Gemini: Psychology, Economics
Cancer: Political Theory, Business-Entrepreneurs
Leo: Geographic Explorers, Fashion Designers
Virgo: Chemistry, Architects
Libra: Politics, Political Theory, Military, Cartoonist-Illustrators
Scorpio: Poets, Journalism-Publishing, Philosophy, History-Anthropology, Chess Masters
Sagittarius: Education, Biology, History-Anthropology, Astronomy, Linguistics-Philology, Composers of Music
Capricorn: Literature, Archeology, Cartoonist-Illustrators, Dancers
Aquarius: Religion, Sports-Athletics, Physics, Geo-Sciences, Painters, Fashion Designers, Musicians-Singers, Cinema-Theatre Directors
Pisces: Sociology, Philosophy, Medicine, Astronauts, Cartoonist-Illustrators, Fashion Designers

What do you think about the ranking of your zodiac sign? :)


  1. I found this interesting since I'm a Capricorn who loves literature, history, and drawing. Although I'm a terrible dancer. I'm majoring in sociology ad well and considering minoring in environmental studies.

    1. I also have a Pisces MC and I love writing especially fantasy. Hoping to write a book one day. Astrology is scarily accurate. I never put much thought into it before.

  2. I am a Capricorn, as well. I can neither dance nor draw, although I wish I could. I find archaeology interesting, but I could never take that as a profession, unless it could be done indoors, in an air-conditioned, dust-free environment! lol

    Literature – now that is a different matter. I was reading by the age of two and have never stopped. I love everything to do with words and language. I call myself the accidental polyglot because I stumbled into studying a number of languages; learning languages just comes very natural to me.

    I am currently writing a novel, which is, in a round-about way, how I discovered your website. I did not set out to use astrology in my book, but it became clear to me early on that my main character is Sagittarius. She speaks multiple languages (and is better at it than I am). She was born in Châtillon-sur-Seine to a French-Italian mother and an American father. She has lived in several European countries and the USA and is currently living in Dallas. Her profession is translator-interpreter. She tutored fellow students in high school and university and continues to do some tutoring as an adult. Her astrological chart fits her quite well. One negative trait that kept appearing for her as I wrote was a slight tendency toward spitefulness. I kept fighting against that, not wanting to give her that trait; it kept popping up, just the same. That very trait is mentioned twice in her chart, so I stopped fighting against it. It has gotten her into a little bit of trouble and has led to some humorous moments in the book, and she has learned from this. Her chart also reveals an artistic nature, which fits in perfectly with some of her hobbies.

    The real eye-opener, however, was the chart of her future husband (of whom she is not too fond, at first – he is too ‘bossy’ to suit her free-spirited nature, but that is changing,) who is a Leo. He is an architect who, at one time (in his teens) had considered some field in geology or geography; I can easily imagine him as the explorer you mention, out among the lions – his own kind! He also has rather more interest in fashion than the usual straight male, but he designs houses, rather than clothing. He is actually the first character for whom I did a chart. Of course that meant I had to give him an exact birth date, time, and location. I arbitrarily chose 8:15 on 15 August 1972, although the year was already determined, in Texarkana, Texas. The accuracy of the resulting charts, both on your site and elsewhere, was absolutely astonishing. Not only did the astrological information fit his character even better than my own chart fits me, but it also answered some questions I had about the character.

    I hope you do not consider this to be a misuse of your site. If I ever publish the book, you will certainly be acknowledged as providing considerable insight to me! Thank you for all the information you provide. It has been (and continues to be) most helpful to me personally and in my writing journey.

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