12 November 2014

Portland or Washington DC ? Exploring the Charts

Some of my tumblr followers may already know that I am currently studying Sociology at university and am trying to get a scholarship for a year abroad.
My university has several partner universities in english speaking countries and the two I am most interested in are those in Portland and Washington, D.C. - two cities I've been meaning to visit for a long time now!
I've actually never left Europe, so this is a big thing for me.
Considering that these cities are at completely different ends of the country, I wanted to make a wise decision and what better way to do this than to consult astrology!

You can draw a chart for anything in astrology, not just people, because everything has a moment of birth, including cities - the day and time they were founded.
This way, you can look at the character of a city like that of a person. A city's chart greatly shapes the mentality of its citizens.
New York, for example, would show a very quick lifestyle, a very ambitious mentality, a city that never sleeps.
You can read more about this in my travel blogposts :)

I guess its clear where this is heading: I looked at the charts of both Portland and Washington DC to make my decision as to where I would feel more comfortable living for a year!

Charts from astrotheme.com



The first thing I noticed in Portland's chart was that Venus exactly conjuncts the Midheaven.
This shows popularity. It means that Portland has the image of being a very beautiful, pleasant, nice place to be. It's a city with a very positive public image.
A nice aspect to Uranus shows open-mindedness, embracing differences and being very progressive and tolerant. The ascendant is in aquarius, which shows a very open worldview.
That's a nice start, for sure.

Looking at the sun, which is always the focal point of the personality, it falls into the 9th house and the sign of Scorpio!!
I love this. If Portland was a person, I'd love them.
Scorpio is really non-superficial, it's a deep, real, honest city. No faking and pretending LA style.
The best thing, however, is probably the 9th house placement: This is the part of the horoscope that rules education!!
The ideal place to go for studying abroad then?
It's in a challenging relationship to Jupiter, planet of learning so that's a bit of a conflict...

The moon, the emotional and underlying, reflective nature is in the 5th house Gemini.
Portland apprently is a very playful, childlike, happy and quirky place.

There's a lot going of in the house of identity, which makes this city very charismatic and the very strong western hemisphere shows independence and self-involvement.

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC is a Pisces city!
In fact, the Pisces sun falls into the part of the horoscope ruling relationships.
The moon is in Cancer in the part of friendships.
Washington DC seems to be a very sympaehtic, other-oriented city!?
The water signs show emotional sensitivity and the houses show a strong orientation towards getting along with and pleasing others.

If Portland is a city that is a lot like me, Washington DC is actually very unlike me!
Mercury actually conjuncts the descendent, so this is a city with people who are very talkative.
Not really something that I feel to comfortable with, I like to keep to myself and space out and do my own thing, rather than interacting with others...
The Ascendant sign of Washington DC is virgo. People here can be quite critical and judgemental.

I really want to know what you think about this, the personality of a city as indicated in the astrological chart...
I live in the oldest city of germany, there is no founding date, so I wouldn't know how accurate this is from personal experience!



  1. This seems very accurate. If you are a "keep to my self"-person Portland would be the best for you, as you described New York ut would be perfect for me as an Aries, Gemini moon and Aries Jupiter, I my opinion you should go to Portland

    1. Thanks :3 I would really love to go there, there's also an astrology school I would love to take some lectures at...
      You do sound like someone who would thrive in New York!!
      :) x

    2. Yes I have always wanted to go there, I love the tempo end the fast living lifestyle and the city life I luv it!!!!

  2. Love your blog!
    Come to DC - it's where I live. We'd love to have you :) It's very diverse, so many events going on always, never a shortage of things to do.

    1. Thank you so much :3
      I am so torn between these two! I might just apply for a scholarship for both universities and see where I can get in :)

  3. Does anyone know when New York was founded? Like the exact date?
    I really want to compare it to my chart


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