03 November 2014

Sun in the Houses ☼ 1 - 12 ☼

Hello everybody!
I've been receiving questions about the sun through the houses lately. I already did write about its significance and sun in the 12th house but I thought I'd give you a quick overview!

The sun is the principle of centering, it is the center of the solar system after all, because it has this huge gravitational pull. It demands attention with its size and its light.
The sun sign is the first thing we know about our birth chart because the zodiac sign the sun is in describes how we act and express ourselves.
The houses of the chart are different areas of life and experience so the house the sun falls into describes what we mainly focus on in our lives.
This part draws us in so much that its is very important for us to "shine" there, it becomes the center of our lives.

If you don't know the house your sun is in already, use the birth chart calculator :)

The Birth Chart looks like a complicated mess at first.
You can tell that besides the zodiac sign symbols wheel there is also another circle, the houses 1 to 12. It starts at the middle left and goes on in a counterclockwise manner.
Now look for the sun symbol in your chart.

The Sun Symbol
The symbol for the sun is an orange circle with a dot in the middle.
The principle of centering with the point of consciousness in its middle.
Click on it in the chart and it will tell you the sign and house on top of the chart.
Alternatively, just try seeing for yourself; the house wheel has a little arrow in front of the sun that marks the end of house 5 and the beginning of house 6. So, in this case, the sun would fall into the 6th house :)

House 1
The focus of your personal life is on self expression and becoming who you want to be.
You know what you want and are very assertive when getting there.
You are outgoing and expressive, you want to be seen and heard.
Therefore, you are very charismatic.
You also like being a leader, initiating action. You like to get new things started and to put yourself out there.

♡ House 2 
Your life's focus lies on what you value - in material and non-material terms.
You pay a lot of attention on keeping up your values and traditions.
Inherited items and rituals from your family may be a big part of your life.
Your seense of ego and identity can also be connected to your wealth.
The focal point in your life is security and attachments, keeping and retaining what you own, both materially and non-materially.

♡ House 3 
You are focused on communicating with and exploring your immediate surroundings.
Your ego is placed within your mind.
Your sense of identity is therefore tied to your language, to the way you speak and communicate.
With your sun in the 3rd house, you might have an affinity towards language in general and reading and writing in specific, because your self-expression mainly happens through the medium of words - written or spoken.
I have also seen people with this placement being especially involved and close with their siblings and taking lots of short journeys.

♡ House 4 
Your focus in life lies on home and family life.
You're a very private, withdrawn person and your early childhood had a very big impact on your psychological makeup, on your personality - even more so than for others.
In general, even, you are very much drawn towards the past, are quite nostalgic.
You might have problems "leaving the nest", being independent, because your sense of ego and identity is attached to your life at home and with your family.

♡ House 5 
If the 5th house was an actual physical place, it would be a childrens playground or a movie theatre or a casino.
This is the house of creativity, self expression, leisure and fun!
It is actually the "home" of the sun, the house that it rules.
You find playfulness everywhere in life, you will always stay a child at heart and have a huge urge to express yourself creatively.
Your ego is very strongly tied to your personal talents.

♡ House 6 
With your sun in the 6th house, the main focus of your life lies on everyday work, chores, health and co-workers.
You have a bit of a servant and workaholic mentality, you're very industrious and organized.
Your daily rituals and plans are very important to you and you always focus on keeping track of what you need to get done on a day-to-day basis.
You're very adjusted to a lifestyle within a job and your chores around the house.
You might be health-conscious to the point of being hypochondriac.

♡ House 7 
Your life is very much concerned with others - how you relate to them and understanding them.
You are very socially aware, always considering others.
The main focus of your life are your relationships, especially those with close friends and significant others.
You have to be aware not to sacrifice yourself too much when putting so much attention onto others.
You are definetly very polite and charming though.
Your ego is tied to how well liked you are and how you get along with others, since you are always concerned about this.
Your sense of identity is tightly connected to who you are with others and how they define you.

♡ House 8 
You are naturally very deep and investigative and see beyond the surface.
If the house of your sun describes where we spend most of our time, for you, thats the "forbidden" places.
You are attracted to secrets and taboos and want to reveal them, you might even be mistrusting and a bit of a conspiracy theorist.
Either way, you are also very wise and understanding, you have a great intuition about people's psyche and interpersonal relationships.
Your ego is tied to how well you can understand and control people and relationships.

♡ House 9 
This is the part of the horoscope where we build our own philosophy of life, our world view, our religion and our moral standards.
Your life is devoted to higher education, to personal growth.
You just always strive to be a better person and to accumulate more knowledge.
You are the epitome of a personal development guru, of a religious teacher and a motivational speaker.
You have faith in where you are going and have a grand vision.

♡ House 10 
Your main focus is on career and image.
You are very aware and constantly working on your reputation.
Your life is devoted to your perception of where you see yourself in the future.
Being very conscious of your image and how you come across, you also have the ability to play with this and adjust your personality to make the best impression wherever you go.
You just see yourself "on top", you want to be seen and recognized and be in control.

♡ House 11 
You focus on friendship and other groups and organizations.
You always look for like-minded people.
People who share your visions and ambitions and who you can unite with.
You are naturally drawn towards joining clubs and collaborating.
Whether it just be about hobbies or higher missions, you want to feel like a part of something bigger.

♡ House 12 
Focus on escapism. This makes introverted and quiet people.
People who mind their own business, need lots of alone-time to sort out their minds, who work behind the scenes rather than being on center stage.
12th house suns are drawn towards things like dreams and spirituality, anything that has to do with the magical world beyond the mundane reality.
They are selfless and can have weak egos.

♡ Marina 
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