16 November 2014

Venus in Cancer ♋ Cancer in Love ♡

Duffy is a Cancer with her Venus in Cancer

Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon.
We all are to a certain degree, that's where the term "lunatic" comes from.
But Cancers don't just go insane on a full moon, they are always being influenced by the phases of the moon.
Their mood swings can be like the tides of the ocean.

Clams actually open up with the rythm of the tides and even in an aquarium in a dark room, miles away from the ocean - they will stay attuned to the moving of the tides!
That's because it's not the waves of the ocean they pick up, but the lunar phases.
A lot like a Cancer, who is always attuned to the natural mood swings in the atmosphere.

This makes Cancer a very empathetic, sensitive and understanding sign!
They are always picking up how others feel and try to connect with them on an emotional level, express affection and be nurturing.
Cancer rules motherhood and this sign is definetly very maternal and protective.
At the same time, they can be the little child - very bubbly, quirky and cute.
Most of the time, they represent the blending of the two, they represent the mother-child relationship: They are both the nurturing, wise mother but also the little innocent child that wants to be nurtured by you.

To a cancer, love and friendship is always based on giving and receiving.
Like the tides pushing the water out to the shore and pulling it back into the ocean.
They will care for you so much but they will be really mad if it's not appreciated.
(Imagine a mother saying "You're so ungrateful!!")

Because they are so attached to their loved ones, they like to create dependency, and this is one of the negative traits of Venus in Cancer.
They rely so much on the people in their life, don't want to be left by them, like the mother who fears their little child growing up and not needing them anymore.
In the worst case scenario, their signifanct other would hold onto them like a child onto their mothers apron.

That's why I am sick of Cancers being depicted as the weak and defenseless:
They are super tough and strong and know exactly what they are doing.
Its a cliché that cancers are defenseless.
Cancers are actually the most defensive.

Just take a look at the what represents cancers: The crab!

Crabs have their bones on the outside and they are mushy on the inside.
Plus, they can only walk sideways!
The thing with cancers is that they like to always sidestep confrontation and accusation.
"You did that thing!!" "No I didnt Im a good and innocent person I only want nice things and love leave me alone" *walks away sideways with crabby hands*

The dependency that cancers and venus in cancers like to create is often connected to them being this innocent figure.
They turn the blame on you and put you on a guilt trip as in "How dare you! After all that I have done for you!"
That's where this maternal role of cancer comes out again:"I'm your mother!!!! I carried you in my womb for 9 months, i raised you, i took care of you! Nothing is ever my fault and you can never leave me!"

Now, don't take this too literal I am not implying that cancers/venus in cancers are awful manipulate people.
Their whole life purpose is nurturing and loving and when that is taken away from them, they have nothing.
Like a mother whose sole mission is to care for their little child that they love more than themselves.
A cancer in love is the most poetic and romantic lover, but if you're the kind of person who needs space to breathe outside of the grip of this protective maternal figure, it is not for you.
If you seek this closeness (if you have more earth and water in your chart rather than air and fire) they are amazing.


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  1. God good post!!! :D *cries in the inside cancer venus*


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