05 November 2014

Which Teen Wolf Character Are You? ♡ Zodiac Signs & Archetypes ♡

I miss Teen Wolf and it's such a long time to go until the start of the next season, so I just had to do something revolving around the characters of the show!

These are my personal views on the signs and archetypes of the characters, don't be scared to disagree down in the comments and tell me why you think my interpretations are true or not :)

Which character are you and how much do you identify with them?

Leave a comment telling me what you think :)

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  1. I'm Issac. And I miss it so much too! I only started watching when season 3b came out so I was lucky enough to be able to watch episode after episode for the first 3 seasons and now I have to wait - it's torturing,


    1. Oh but you can go back and catch up with the first three seasons !! :)
      I might even rewatch some episodes as well haha - the third season was my favourite one!!