03 December 2014

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"Modern Astrology is based on a natal chart.
Which is, essentially, a galactic snapshot of the universe,
and the alignment of the planets and stars relative to your location on earth,
at the exact moment of your birth.
The core belief is that this information is then interpreted using the twelve zodiac signs
as indicators of behaviour to predict individual personality traits.
I almost believed.
Astrology: a propaganda campaign of bullshit."
Jake Gibson


This independent film follows Jake, played by Cam Gigandet, who tries to disprove astrology for his ethics class.
After an awful birthday, that was predicted to be a great day in his newspaper horoscope, he decides to go find three people with the same horoscope as his - born on the same day, in the same hospital, at the same time - his zodiac twins.

Bonus: The movie has Jena Malone in it, who plays Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games!!

All these zodiac twins in the movie are, by the way, Aquarians!


My rating 

I was so excited to see this movie after watching the trailer! The whole concept and story was so great. In theory. It wasn't a bad movie, but they could have done so much better. It wasn't as magical and impactful as I wished it was. I was impressed by how accurately astrology was portrayed in the movie in the beginning, but then they kept on talking about fate and horoscopes and how "your birthday is your strongest zodiac day" which doesn't make any sense and doesn't really have a lot to do with what astrology really is about.
The characters and their stories as well as the conclusion at the end weren't very multi-dimensional and thrilling. It was an alright movie. Maybe my expectations were too high.

5 / 10


  1. Generally a good film will look at one or two important questions or themes and spend some time exploring the answers. However, great films will usually not give you the answers - they will let you decide for yourself.


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