18 December 2014

Leo ♌ The Most Adorable Sign ♡

Why is it that mothers take so much care of their babys and love them unconditionally, no matter how much they scream and poop and throw up and no matter how little the babys pay them back for all the love and care and work they put into them?
It's biologically predestined for parents to love and take care of their children - at least for human parents.
Some species devour their own children.
But it's crucial for the survival of the human race for the parents to do everything for their children, even if it is rather irrational.

That's why babys have the big heads and eyes and chubby limbs with tiny hands and feet; they rely on being adorable.
The only way a baby can survive is if they are cute and loveable enough for adults to take care of them.

Leo is actually the sign of children, and this theme applies to them really well.
Leo is a fixed sign, which means that they are security-oriented.
The other fixed signs are Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.
Aquarius seeks security in their knowledge, Taurus in their posessions and Scorpio in their power.
Leo seeks security by being adored and therefore belonging to people and being loved.

This sign is definetly not boring, trying to please everyone. Leo is bold, loud and proud.
They can polarize, but they know that there will always be someone who doesn't like them.
So they might as well be bold enough to really be loved by some people, rather than being liked by most.
Leo isn't into half-assed relationships. They don't want to be liked. They want to be adored.

Leo rules enjoyment, fun and play. It's about recreation, hobbies and all things we do for the sake of doing them.
Leos love enjoying themselves, being goofy, entertaining and they are proud and confident like a little child asured of their mothers love.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the sun so their role literally is to bring light and life into the world.
They're like the little child that is so bright and joyful that they bring happiness into their parents lives or into anybodys life who watches them play.
Leos are so unapologetic, theatrical and dramatic that is inspires others to live their lives more whole-heartedly.
This sign actually rules the heart in medical astrology.
Like the heart is the center of the body, the sun is the center of the solar system.
And Leos are the center of attention.

My favourite celebrity examples:

Is that woman in the background staring at Milas butt

Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis are both leos. They're known for being chill and cool and laid back and really funny and entertaining. Female leos are the "cool chicks". Another good example is Anna Kendrick!!! Basically everyone adores these three women. Except for the ones who are annoyed by how much everyone adores them. That's the only reason somebody wouldn't like a Leo.



  1. i am ur #1 fan, marina ily

  2. HI Marina,

    I'm leo and eveything you said is totally true, I love your blog btw :)

    xx Cecil // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com


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