10 December 2014

Libra, The Most Relatable Sign

Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an object: the scales.
It's the sign of objectivity, fairness, justice and balance.
Someone on tumblr pointed out to me that libras dont balance everything out all the time though.
That in fact nobody does that because that would be crazy.

Since that thought has been bumping around in my head i think i now understand the sign libra better: it's about relating.
About bouncing back from others to one's self, understanding how other are the same and different and finding that point in the middle of the scale, the blind spot where differences and similarities come together to what makes up people.
Libra is about understanding what makes people tick and how they interact socially.
♥ When you relate to others, you become relatable. ♥
I like to call libra the most relatable sign, because they like to be aware of the kinds of people they are around and then adjust to fit.
♥ They could get along with anyone, because they get anyone. 


Libra YouTubers are known as being super relatable. My top examples are Grace Helbig aka itsgrace and Lilly Singh aka Superwoman.
Libra is the sign of memes.

If you're interested in both YouTubers and Astrology, I highly advise you to check out Alyssa Sharpe, she rambles about the signs and explains astrology.
She's a libra and really gets the signs, understands people and explains it in a very amusing way.
If you take things personally and are easily offended, don't watch her "What I hate about the zodiac signs" series.
Its offensive, because its true, but you wish it wasn't.
Typical Libra.

Chronic Complaining 

One of the most relatable things among people is what annoys them.
That's why libras like to vent and share their struggles and annoyances because it builds rapport so quickly and easily.
Problems are relatable, because everyone is struggling.

I have this one libra friend and whenever I sit next to her in lectures, they are so awful.
All she does is complain about how boring this is and I will be like "yeah, so boring!" and agree with her. Agreeing with negativity is so easy. But it drags people down.
Try finding things to be happy and grateful about that are relatable.

I know there's some Libras who always say things like "well at least we're healthy, right?" and things along those lines. Especially the cute elderly libras who want to collectively look at the bright side.
If you are a libra: try to be one of those who make positive things relatable, not the negative ones!!
Your finely tuned social antannea makes you connect with people deeply and easily and I think this is one of your responsibilities - to use this power for good :)


Libras define themselves through others to such a point that, when theyre alone, they dont know who they are.
They are very dependent on others and on their relationships with them.
Libra's personalities are a product of social interaction more so than it is for any other sign.

Libra is ruled by Venus.

♀ The venus symbol is sometimes said to represent a hand-mirror.

The mirror is a symbol of reflection. Much in the same way, Libras reflect back on themselves by being with others.
By interacting, they gain their sense of self.

What Libras Say 

I wanted to share some confession that Libras have made in my tumblr inbox :)


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