24 December 2014

Louis Tomlinson Personality Chart Reading

Happy Birthday, Louis!

The main theme of Louis' chart is responsibility.
His capricorn/saturn influence is super, super strong!!!
A saturnian is the "watchful parent" kind of person, who naturally feels really responsible for things going right.
He is very concerned with his reputation, has an air of authority around him.
With saturn on the midheaven, the point of our career, he is really hardworking and ambitious.
He is a leader and a paternal figure.
He grew up having to take care of his younger sisters, and now, being the oldest member in One Direction, he is their leader as well.
This is the main theme of his life so, somehow, he will always be stuck in this role of responsibility.
The wise old father figure.

This is quite the contrary of what he first seems to be like - he is actually quite the "class clown" and immature little boy on the outside.

Playful  Trickster 
Louis has a Gemini ascendent, which makes him naturally talkative.
The ruler of his ascendent, mercury, conjuncts mars.
A conjunction of these two planets always means one thing: practical jokes!!

This shows the trickster inside him.
He also has a leo moon, the classic constellation of someone who has a need to perform.
He wants to be seen and adored, his whole life is a dramatic and thetrical performance.
Louis has a need to entertain and takes a lot of pride in this.
Since he is a playful child at heart, he blows everything out of proportion and never wants to grow up.
Louis moon is in the 4th house, the house of childhood, so he is a stay-at-home person that is attached to the past and their family.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and wealth, it shows where in life we are both optimistic and rich.
It is our happy-go-lucky self.
In Louis' chart, jupiter is in the 5th house virgo!!
He is both talented when it comes to art but also takes it seriously.
As much as he loves creating and expressing himself, he is also a perfectionist when it comes to his own work and always wants to learn and expand his knowledge.

Obsessive Love 
Louis is a very plutonian person, meaning that the planet pluto is an extremely strong influence in his chart.
Next to saturn, which makes him parental and responsible, pluto will make him very obsessive and controlling.
This affects his ascendent, sun and moon, meaning that it influences the whole of his personality.
Pluto makes everything more extreme and out of balance. This makes a personality sassy, dark, in love with breaking taboos and irony.

As for Louis, pluto especially affects his love life, because it is aligned with Venus, planet of love and romance!
He has a quite unhealthy way of expressing love: controlling his loved ones. Making sure they won't betray him or leave him. He is jealous and posessive.
Louis is so afraid of losing power in love and in his relationships in general, that he can become obsessed with exerting his power over the people he loves.
He has good intentions, of course, but his way of expressing love is not always in favor of his loved ones.

Louis leo moon makes him very dependent on being loved and accepted and he can sometimes be a bit too aggressive about this. "LOVE ME, DONT LEAVE ME!!!"
His chart shows that he generally is really dependent - everything except for saturn on the western hemisphere.
His role of responsibility is the only thing that makes him independent from others.
Every other part of his personality relies on being accepted and loved by others.

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  1. I love your analysis of Louis. I've just done one in my own blog and it pretty much agrees with yours. Just one thing - Saturn is not in conjunction with the MC. There's a very wide orb of 9 degrees, so technically, no aspect.

    1. Ohh I'll check it out immediately!!
      I said it was on the midheaven, I basically meant it's in the 10th house haha

  2. Hi! Excellent article :) It made me smile because Louis is soon going to be a father (Saturnian type, father figure as you said) when Jupiter in Virgo transits his natal Jupiter in the same sign, age 24 and in the 5th house of children and trine the ruler of his 5th house, the Sun in Capricorn. And before that, Jupiter has transited his fertile Moon in Leo.