16 December 2014

Taylor Swift Birth Chart Reading

I missed Taylors birthday but people on tumblr were still interested in me doing a reading of her birth chart, so let's do this!!
Happy belated 25th birthday, Taylor.

Here's some of the pictures from her party, I was pleasently surprised that Haim were there, because they're my faves, and I did their astrological readings as well :)

♥ Taylor Swift 

Sun in Sagittarius ♐
Moon in Cancer ♋
Ascendent in Leo ♌

Taylor Swifts Birth Chart


The combination of Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon and Leo Ascendent shows that Taylor is a very optimistic person.
She is playful and idealistic, to the point of being naive like a little child.
Especially with her sun falling into the part of the horoscope ruling play, she can be a bit immature and too much concentrated on leisure and pleasure.
Her cancer moon makes her a very sensitive and emotional person.
However, this emotional openness and availability is concentrated on other people, meaning that she really wants people to connect and come together, rather than being self-invovled, egoistical or sentimental when it comes to feelings.
She is very much a people-person who is open to making new friends and has lots of them.
The general concentration on the western hemisphere shows that she is really dependent, she wants to be seen and recognized, she wants to interact and she wants to be around others.


Taylor has a huge accumulation of planets in the part of her horoscope that deals with creativity and performing.
Next to her sun, which is her identity, she also has the planets neptune, saturn, uranus and mercury in this part of her chart!!!
She was literally born to create art and to perform, the majority of her being is constantly concentrated on this part of her life.
I might also add that this is the part of the horoscope that stands for lovers and romance but I will get back to this later.
Mercury is our intellect so this shows that she likes to express thoughts and ideas. Neptune is the planet of dreams and visions, the higher art form as opposed to Venus, which is pure aesthetics.

Her many relationships 

This is obviously something people are always interested in when it comes to Taylor Swift so I thought I might as well take a look at that in her chart.
Next to the immense concentration on the horoscope part that deals with romance and general pleasure and fun, I think the main reason for her many relationships is the north node in her 7th house.
The north node is a karmic point in the chart. It shows something that we haven't learned in previous lives and that we therefor struggle with. It is one of our biggest challenges but at the same time our calling and our purpose to integrate the part of our lives indicated through the north node.
In Taylors chart, it falls into the 7th house, the house of relationships and partnerships with equals.
She apparently has problems making relationships work out, but, at the same time, she is always drawn back to them, wanting to grow and evolve in this part of her life, even if it is completely unconscious.
I thought it was interesting that the North Node opposes her Leo Ascendent.
Integrating relationships with equals seems to be hard for her, since she is a public and popular figure who gets lots of attention.


Taylors cancer moon conjuncts jupiter in the 11th house.
This is a really favourable placement that will make someone super popular.
Not just in her personal life and with friends, but in the general public.
She even has an aspect showing that her creativity will support her career.

Tell me whose reading you want to see me do next :)
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  1. Your Rising Sign is COMPLETELY WRONG.

    1. Why do you think it's wrong?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Agreed, Lex. Her rising sign is Capricorn, based on her actual birth time.

  2. Because it is. She's no leo rising.

    1. Actually it is. She tweeted her actual birth time. And if you knew anything about her personally, she is a dead-on Leo Rising.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Melissa. That tweet was determined to be fake, and in no way does she fit Leo rising. She does fit her Capricorn rising, which is based on her real birth originally taken from her Facebook page awhile back.

  3. This site has the wrong birth time.

  4. This site has the wrong time. Even astrodentist has marked her 8:36 am as DD , which means that it is more close to her birth time and is a way way better reference, and according to that she's a capricorn rising and she definitely definitely fits better with her capricorn rising than her leo rising! Taylor swift has capricorn rising even astrodentist gives her capricorn rising more preference and about the whole her tweeting thing , well if she tweeted it , why doesn't she clear it again then :P It was fake! She didn't tweet her birth time , and her 8:46pm birth time although gives more houses in her 5th chart , i still feel that her houses ( neptune , saturn and all in 1st house along with her cap asc according to her 8:36 am birth chart explains more about her and the choices she has been making and her past choices, that is why even astrodentist gives DD rating to 8:36 am time of her not 8:46 pm and even many websites claim that cap rising fits her more and because her sun is in sag that's why people get confused with leo rising :P She is a capricorn rising and if you have doubts , then read various descriptions of capricorn rising :) :P Maybe that'll help you see that she is a cap rising :P

  5. excuse my novel writing but i am thinking there is possibly a conflict with the time format. astrodienst and astrotheme both have habits of changing celebs birthtimes, changing a particular time to the exact opposite of what it was before. so previously they gave taylor LEO rising (8:36PM) now its CAP rising (8:36AM), which does fit her though IMO, only to an extent.

    she has the body of a CAPRICORN rising, but IMO this is an effect of her *progressed* sun. other CAPRICORN traits: driven, refined sense of style, business savvy (she is capable but credit should go more to her business managers), ambitious, status & security conscious

    she still very much resembles a LEO (tall, cat-like facial features - very feline, her hair is naturally curly and well, quite fuzzy, big teeth) and certainly still behaves like one.

    1. CAPRICORN risings are cool, self-controlled and aren't easily rattled. taylor is oversensitive, over-the-top and, following an emotional upheaval (eg. a breakup or rejection) seems unable to keep her mouth in check: tends to poke fun of or take pot shots at, people in her songs, interviews and media; very sly, coercive tactics to maintain position, has a malicious bent and is extremely passive aggressive (thought thats probably more down to her CANCER moon...)
      attention seeking (don't jump, she admitted herself in a cosmopolitan interview in 2012 that she loves attention),
      can't seem take a joke about herself (they maintain a serious persona even while telling jokes, which makes it even funnier)
      lacks the trademark dead-pan CAP sense of humor
      gives off the impression that she is "high and mighty"
      both LEO and CAP risings can appear haughty and snobby/stuck up, wants to adored, arrogant, dominating, too proud

      some of the better expressions of LEO that taylor possesses =
      highly artistic, big hearted, generous, warm, vibrant, ROMANTIC, affectionate, in love with love, (VERY) regal looking

      13"LEO rising is in the sagittarius decan, helps with expressing the traits of her sun sign. 13 is her lucky number too isn't it?

      LEO rising + 2nd decan, tall, large head (people often comment on her hair resembling a wig because it sticks up off the top of her head - double crowner?), she is quick to make jokes about other people but don't ever poke fun at her, unless of course you had permission to first.., large teeth (not sure veneers count though?..), articulate and seems intelligent (but her judgement on the other hand...), idealistic, creative, industrious, plenty of stamina, kind


      with a LEO rising 13" she will have SUN, MERCURY, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE, EROS and VERTEX in the 5th house. all that 5th house action would intensify that LEO energy. she also has an unaspected (unharnessed) sun and this would cause her to embody some of the more negative traits of LEO rising (egotistical, drama queeny, (seems) greedy, extremely proud)

    2. CAP rising traits:
      - ambitious
      - mature persona and outlook (for young cap risings, very mature for their age)
      - wise old owl (old souls)
      - height average to short (bar gisele bundchen!)
      - long, pointy (sometimes hooked) nose
      - slightly whiny voice (a taurus moon may remedy this. taylors singing voice is rather whiny - again, progressed CAP sun)
      - business-orientated
      - driven
      - security conscious
      - concerned about money and status
      - serious disposition
      - dry skin, problems with skin

      the debated CAPRICORN energy is IMO down to her progressed sun. she has progressed sun @ 18'CAPRICORN conjunct her progressed mercury & SATURN in CAPRICORN.

      with a CAP rising, she would have 5th house ruler conjunct her CAP stellium (mercury, saturn, uranus, neptune), which would assist with giving her a LEO/5H vibe but IMO its not enough. imo her "LEOness" is too overt for just a ruler conjunction. a packed 5th house on the other hand... the only CAPPY traits that seem to really fit taylor are those that relate to status and fiscal matters. she is skinny like a CAPRICORN rising but thats about it. wasn't she rather "chubby" as a child? perhaps up until she was 8'ish? if she became taller (= skinnier) at around 8 or 9, a progressed sun in CAPRICORN may have assisted in sudden weight loss (CAPRICORN governs a bony frame). when her progressed sun changes to AQUARIUS in 2027 her body shape may change again. her chubbiness in early childhood could also be down to Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter (Jupiter governs expansion), LEO 13 is in decan of Sagittarius, just a bit of trivia. and lastly, imo, swifty cannot possibly be a 12th house sun. she would have no raw 5th house energy (of which IMO she has an enormous abundance of) and she is too sexually conservative (pisces rising females are dreamy and romantic as is taylor but much more open to risque behaviour, experimental and embracing sexuality - madonna, katy perry, selena gomez [rising signs also approximate]). so thats my 2 cents :)

  6. For anyone who is into synastry or draco synastry, Taylor Swift is THE person to research. her dating history is interesting and fun to study...

    the three guys she has (or seems to have been) the most, uh lets say, "intense" about (eg. upon being dumped she subsequently humiliated, exploited and continuously drawn attention to) - Harry Styles, John Mayer and Joe Jonas, her pluto is "square" their venuses (natal/draco), which in astrology is known as the fatal attraction aspect (obsession, stalking, harrasment). John supposedly broke up with Taylor in 2010(after which she wrote Dear John where he is depicted as a pervert and a cheat). Taylor must have grown annoyed with ex-friend Katy Perry as well after she began dating John Mayer 2 years after Taylor broke up with him. Taylor created negative press claiming that an ex-friend "stole" Taylor's backup dancers (the ex-friend now "enemy" is presumably a pop singer), and insinuated that a revenge song, Bad Blood, was about Katy Perry. Katy's pluto is square Taylor's venus.

    Nessus asteroid makes harsh aspects between Taylor's and John, Harry, Joe, Camilla and Jake Gyllenhaal's natal charts as well. "Nessus" is the asteroid of abuse, harrasment and victimization.

    Taylor's pluto is also conjunct Camilla Belle's venus (the actress whom Taylor accused of stealing Joe Jonas away then wrote a nasty song about. In the song better than revenge, Taylor wants the world to know that Camilla is a bedhopping, boyfriend-stealing skank, lovely). Astrology is funny sometimes


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