19 January 2015

Capricorn Season

Happy Capricorn Season!! Although it's actually over; sorry for how late I am.
I didn't really feel inspired to write about this season, but when I asked my readers to submit their own creative work I received this poem about capricorns by Victoria and it gave me the spark of inspiration I needed!
So let's start this blogpost off with exactly that!

Capricorn Poem

by Victoria , the-late-scapegoat on tumblr

Capricorn the sea goat
Half Earth half water
Emotions rush over us like waves;
quickly they consume like undertow,
dragging us to the depths of melancholy abyss
Determined we persevere as if nothing is amiss
Always making it back to the top in spite of this turmoil,
we bury these feelings in the cool dark soil;
though sometimes we get stuck in the mud
so we wait until it turns to clay
Aiming to build solid foundation without delay;
structure is definitely our forte!
We’re pretty damn resourceful I must say!
Sure Saturn’s influence is rough
karma’s teachings can make life feel so fatalistic
It's why we can’t help being so tough
I swear at times it makes me go ballistic
but just remember it’s humbling at the end of the day
Really, I wouldn’t have it any other way

Capricorn season is the time from December 22 to January 20.
It is the midst of winter, the "harsh" winter.
Since saturn, capricorns ruler, is the planet of restrictions and lessons, it makes us go through this rough time, so that we both learn how to get through it and also learn to cherish the good times.
This might sound a bit overly dramatic, but you have to imagine the ancient civilizations and their relationship to this season back when there was no such thing as electricity, central heating etc.
This is where all the classic archetypal associations came from.
Capricorn season is also a very dark time, since the winter days are really short.

Just recently a capricorn friend of mine told me about how much he loves hiking in the mountains, because, when you reach the top, you can turn around and look at the long way you have hiked to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view.
This was so capricorn-y to me, because this sign is all about hard work and ambition that pays off in the end.
We have to make it through a harsh winter to really appreciate the coming spring.
We have to work our asses off, so we can lean back and relax, knowing we did well.

I hope you had a nice capricorn season, including happy holidays and a great new year!
Adopt the ambitious capricorn mentality to pull through with your resolutions!


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