12 January 2015

Saturn in the House in your Birth Chart - How To Realize your own AUTHORity

Since Saturn has turned into Sagittarius, and both my sun and ascendent sign are sagittarius, I've been thinking about this planet a lot.
I actually think I am on good terms with Saturn. Everybody seems to be intimidated by saturn transits because it is the planet of lessons. I've always had an affinity towards the "dark" and "malefic" planets though, having a super strong pluto influence.
I am not afraid of facing shadow aspects and I always root for the underdog. I think it's important to see the ambiguity of each planetary archetype and that none of them are "good" or "bad" planets.
Some of them just have harsher ways of teaching you.

We mature through Saturns lessons and grow from an attitude of fear, which puts us in the position of a slave to an attitude of personal authority, which puts us in the position of the master.

Saturn as your teacher

Saturn is the harshest teacher of them all,probably.
Saturn is the planet of hard work, discipline, restrictions. While a venus or neptune lesson may be sugercoated and unclear, saturn will make it really hard for you.
Saturn is the authority, he will scold you, call you out and teach you a lesson but he will also mature you, strengthen you, and make you realize that, within yourself, there is the same amount of authority that is outside of you.
As we grow up, we make countless saturn experiences. Saturn is the planet of socialisation. It teaches us to fit in and to restrict and discipline ourselves to be functioning members of society.
Saturn is insanely conscious of what people expect and always anxious to meet up to people's expectations. Saturn wants to fit in, to be accepted.

Maturing Saturn

An undeveloped saturn takes away your individuality, makes you adjust out of fear of being different and wrong and unacceptable. He is the victim of authority. The victim and follower of what people tell him to be. He is hard-working and ambitious but has no personal authority.
A developed saturn, a mature saturn, realizes their own authority, their power to decide what and who they want to be. He is completely self-sufficient, independent and works hard on his own goals and standards, rather than being dictated by other people's expectations.

Representation in the Chart

Since saturn always represents authority figures, it usually shows the father in the horoscope.
Sometimes it can be the mother, a teacher, or even peers.
Anyone we give the power to decide over what we do and who we are.
Authority has the word "author" in it, because we have to realize that we have the capability to write our own story, and to plot our own lives and to create our own character.
That's cheesy but totally worth thinking about, because it's so true.

This is the maturing process and the lesson of Saturn - (re)claiming our authority, taking on responsibility, concentrating on ambition rather than fear.
Saturn makes the difference of the state of mind of a master and that of a slave.
Not concentrating on what we lack, but rather what we can offer.

"Fear is a symptom of loss of authority; when we give away our authority, we should be afraid."
Caroline W Casey - Making The Gods Work For You

To illustrate this, here's two examples:

Saturn in House 1

House of Identity and Self.
Undeveloped Saturn: Fear-based identity, very conformal, trying to fit in and adjust their social mask to fit people's expectations, works hard on themselves and is humble, very serious and pessimistic.
Developed Saturn: Mature mentality, an air of authority, naturally takes on responsibility, wise, gives guidance to others.

Saturn in House 2

House of Posessions and Self-Worth
Undeveloped Saturn: Lets other people dictate their self-worth, afraid of not being of value, plays down their talents and abilities, greedy, financial problems.
Developed Saturn: Confident, completely independent of other people's opinions and dictations of what makes them worthy or not, financially independent and stable, wealthy, minimalistic, little material needs
More about Saturn in the 2nd House

I will be writing blogposts about each individual placement eventually!!
I hope you liked this and that you understand the planet better now and that you're less afraid of Saturn, because you know that you can work with its energies to benefit from them :)



  1. I love this, finally someone who affords more about saturn, i'm super curious about it, because this is so important, i don't know if requires much work but could be good if in a future you could do it in signs for me has been hard find good information about my natal saturn in pisces (in bonus is retrograde) and what i find i can't understand it well :/ .... Thank you!

    1. Thank you!! I think I'm doing saturn in the houses first, because thats a more personal and individual placement. But saturn in pisces is definetly intersting to me, because i have that placement as well, so Im guessing we're from the same saturn generation? Saturn stays in a sign for ~2,5 years so you must be in your late teens or early twenties?
      Ill definetly look more into saturn in pisces!!
      :) xx

    2. That's good too, I'm gonna wait patiently for it, and yep actually i born in November 8th, 1994! :D

  2. i am born at 11 pm , 28th November 1995 , ( cancer lagna , India ) if u want to ask me anything about my personal life or personality i can help :(( lord of the lagna moon falling in 8th with saturn ... god save me...

  3. I AM LOVING your blog!! I just found this on a Facebook group (your 2nd house post) and it is so informative! I hope you finish the Saturn in the houses! I have it conjunct my Sun and Mercury in the 6th house and it's also the ruler (aqua) I have always related to Saturn heavy people but I am struggling to find my own Authority! I always over do it or act on fear. trying to find a balance. Thanks for your thoughtful posts!


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