09 January 2015

Take A Look Into My Astrology Journals & Notebooks!

I titled my blog "Marinas Astrology Journal", because I started it when I was pretty much still a newbie and wanted to share the things I learned and the zodiacal patterns and meanings I have discovered with other astrology students.
This was a very casual hobby blog in the beginning but now I feel like there's more and more distance between me and my readers and the blogposts are more about teaching you something.
Although I am a sagittarius with sagittarius ascendent with a sun/jupiter conjunction and my need to be the ~teacher~ and to have this superior position of the mentor figure, I really hate hierachies and I believe that everyone is both the teacher and the student!
So I wanted to get back to the notebooky, journaly style on my blog and share some pictures of my actual astrology journals and notebooks I created and kept when I first started learning astrology.
I should really keep up with doing them though and get back into it, its so much fun, but I've been neglecting it lately!!
Lots of the stuff here is german though, so I will try to explain and translate what it says and is about!

These are the pages on the elements, fire and earth specifically.
I used watercolors to show which colors are associated with the elements, and I think it looks so pretty :)
Theres keywords for the elements and then theres tables at the bottom of the pages that arent finished yet... they were supposed to list traits of people with either a lot or little of the specific elements in their charts.

The body parts in association with the zodiac signs aka medical astrology!
That body shape is pretty weird.

My very first entry of my very first astrology journal was the classification of the zodiac signs into polarities, elements and qualities.

The mottos of the signs, the zodiac glyphs and the zodiac wheel with the zodiacal seasons and planetary rulers.

The Zodiac Mottos are:
Aries: I want
Taurus: I have
Gemini: I think
Cancer: I feel
Leo: I reign
Virgo: I inspect
Libra: I weigh/balance
Scorpio: I desire
Sagittarius: I search
Capricorn: I utilize
Aquarius: I know
Pisces: I believe

The planets, their meaning in astrology and the signs that they rule.
Some more keywords in the tables on the right.

Lots of printouts that I found interesting or helpful.

There's some personal journaling "soul searching" type, where I write about what I have learned about myself and my life from analyzing my chart and reading about placements etc but I dont really want to share that.
Theres some cute inspirational quotes though, a full moon reminder and the face of fetus Harry, so that's good.

Analyzing specific aspects patterns in my chart and the charts of people close to me so that I understand them better!!!
The way I write those things down is probably super complicated for others, but it makes sense to me haha
I also like writing down the houses by putting the numbers in little houses...

I hope you liked this, I personally am obsessed with looking at people's journals and notebooks and diaries and I look at pictures of them on pinterest all the time!!!
Maybe this even inspired you to start your own journal, even if its not about astrology!
If you journal, I would absolutely love to hear what your journaling style is and what you do.
I really am obsessed dont be shy about commenting please :)

Have a nice day!!


  1. wow, your notes are so neat! also, I love your handwriting, so cute :)

    1. thank you :-) i actually always feel like my handwriting is so messy!

  2. Hi, Marina! I'm working on making my astrology journal, and I came across yours on Pinterest! I think it's really cute and I would love to incorporate some of the ideas into my journal. I'm not fluent in German, and I would translate your writing if I could read the words more clearly. Could you translate some of your pages into English? If it's too much trouble, please don't worry about it! Thank you for sharing your journal -- I love it!


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