24 January 2015

Venus Saturn Aspects - Beauty and Love

Venus conjunct, trine, square, sextile or in opposition to Saturn

If you want to know more about aspects, you can read my blogpost about them. It will tell you which aspects you have and whether they are positive or negative :)

Minimalism, Fashion, Elegance & Aging

Venus is the planet of beauty and shows both our physical, exterior beauty as well as our sense of internal aesthetic, our taste.
In aspect with saturn, this creates the beauty of simplicity - a very restricted aesthetic, which can best be described as minimalistic.
I really love  this quote in relation to the essence of minimalism;
"Perfection is not when there's nothing to be added, but rather when there's nothing to be substracted."

In somebody's sense of style and fashion, this can show as a tendency to wear a lot of basics and elegant pieces, to have high standards, only want the best and to value quality over quantity.
The downside, the negative manifestation of this aspect, can show as boring and conforming fashion, to be overly picky or to not care about aesthetic at all, to write it off as stupid and irrelevant or have a bad sense of taste. Pretty much to not be able to tell what goes together, to have no sense of aesthetics.

With this aspect comes a natural air of elegance and grace and effortless, natural beauty.
My personal favourite examples are Rachel McAdams (sextile aspect) and Natalie Portman (square aspect), they're so gorgeous!

Saturn/Venus aspects truly create the timelords of the zodiac. These people simply do not age.
Below are two prime examples. Jared Leto has the trine aspect of saturn and venus and Johnny Depp has the square aspect in his chart. And both did not age at all within ten years!!

Women with this aspect age gracefully as well but they're often so afraid (Saturn) of losing their beauty (Venus) that they use botox and other things that ruin their natural graceful aging process.
Some examples are Nicole Kidman (who used botox even though she still looked like an angel!), Tina Turner (who is super fit and muscular and has great legs for her age), Courteney Cox (who is super sporty and plays the lead role in the tv show Cougar Town which is so fitting) and Jessica Lange!

Restricted Love

The negative aspects of venus and saturn mostly show as restricted love and affection.
This relates to both the past and the present as well as the love given and the love received.
This theme usually starts with a parental figure (often the father) being rather cold and aloof and the person then growing up to have problem expressing affection themselves.

They can even suppress love to the point of being bitter and heartless in extreme cases.
They have a hard time opening up to showing affection and vulnerability, they are scared of intimacy which is followed by the inability to connect with other people.
This leaves them feeling lonely and unloved.

These individuals are scared of rejection and being hurt and therefore build an amor that keeps them from getting hurt (which does not work).
Their problem trusting others keeps them second-guessing whether others really actually like them.
By rejecting these feminine and soft venusian traits of vulnerability and affection within themselves, they also keep these things away from them in their external reality.

Mature Love

It's hard to imagine but Saturn and Venus in aspect can bring some positive traits into relationships as well. Somebody with this aspect will be very caring and take responsibility in friendships, they're very reliable and loyal.
In love, they're sober and serious, meaning that they will be strictly monogomous to the point of being prudes, but other aspects, especially those of mars, can influence this as well.
These people are not illusioned when it comes to love. Even if they're hopeless romantics, they can somehow combine it with a sense of realism. They are the kinds of people who will be able to deal with hard and humble conditions in relationships and marriages, they can "face reality", they know that relationships come with struggles and they are able to work through them.


normcore (noun). (normal + hardcore). Excessive desire to wear whatever comes to hand when you wake up because you are a normal person and you only want to have a normal life.
Just another perfect example of the simplicity of this aesthetic....

Steve Jobs has Venus sextile Saturn


Design is a big topic when it comes to the idea of venusian beauty combined with saturnian pragmatics. It's all about combining aesthetics with simplicity and practiclity.
One of my favourite Venus/Saturn examples is Steve Jobs, who has the sextile aspect.
Not only is he a huge normcore icon, he also has some great quotes on design that really reflect this aspect:

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

"Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains."

Form Follows Function

Form follows function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. (Wikipedia)
This is something we discussed in art class when I was in highschool and I remembered it while brain-storming about venus and saturn in aspects.
I love this idea that even though design and architecture are a form of art, it should be kept simple and oriented towards its pragmatic function.

"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." - Frank Lloyd Wright (venus saturn opposition)

Age Gap

With this aspect, there is a tendency to either be attracted to someone older and/or more mature or to be that kind of person for soemone else.

Venus/Saturn aspects in the horoscope of a female can create either a cougar or a lolita.
The latter tend to have friends older than themselves or be attracted to people who are older than themselves and/or really mature.

In men's horoscopes, there is also often an age gap in relationships, however, they usually are more infatuated with young and beautiful women, but some of them might also be attracted to mature women. In this case, the men can become the classic "toy boy".

The relationships of a person with this aspect in their horoscope will usually include a slight parent-child dynamic, with a gap of experience and/or power, where one partner teaches the other (not to get all incest-y and Oedipus-y...)

Leo loves young beautiful women and his girlfriends are way younger than him.
He has a venus/saturn trine.

Self Care

Venus is not only the affection we show others but also that we show to ourselves.
This is why self care, or the lack of it, is also a theme of the aspect with saturn.

These individuals can be really hard on themselves and think they don't deserve pleasure, leisure and free-time and neglect pamper sessions and quality time alone or with loved ones. They can be no-fun workaholics.

A more positive manifestation of the aspect would be a healthy and mature "work hard, play hard" mentality, in which someone is very pragmatic about scheduling in self-care time and takes it seriously, because they know how important it is.

Celebrities with Venus/Saturn Aspects

Conjunction: Kurt Cobain, Bill Gates, Heidi Klum, Nicolas Cage, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chuck Norris, Rachel Bilson

Opposition: Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Jimi Hendrix, Heath Ledger, Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Phelps

Trine: Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Jared Leto, Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Tina Turner, Sean Penn, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Courteney Cox, Lenny Kravitz, Jessica Lange

Sextile: Steve Jobs, Grace Kelly, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sigmund Freud, Hilary Duff, Rachel McAdams, Alanis Morisette, Pharrell Williams, Brittany Murphy, Bill Cosby, Jimmy Fallon, David Tennant

Square: Johnny Depp, Adolf Hitler, Mother Teresa, Natalie Portman, Bruce Willis, Russel Crowe, Oprah Winfrey, Giselle Bündchen, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth

I'd love to hear about your personal experiences with Saturn/Venus aspects, just write a comment below :)
Tell me which aspects to write about next!


  1. Hiii!
    I have a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Taurus in the 7th house and yeah haha I like that aspect quite a lot:)
    I love your blog!! I would like to see Jupiter/Moon aspects or Moon/Neptune aspects, I like those aspects:))

    1. Hello there!! omg even though thats probably really challenging, it also has its rewards in the end.. thats what we have to learn when it comes to saturn i guess ^.^
      Those apsects are super interesting, I will definetly consider them :)

  2. wow, I have a trine aspect of this and it's mostly accurate, especially the lack of intimacy in relationships

  3. Wow, I have Venus in Leo(in sixth house) square Saturn in Taurus(in second house) in my natal chart, and the "Restricted Love" section of this article really hit me hard, because that's exactly what I've always dealt with. I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to affection, to the point that I can be cold and distant even to those I love. I don't know how to properly express affection, which makes me think that those who I love don't really think that I love them.
    The second paragraph of the aforementioned section describes me 100% accurately, I really can't connect with people.
    As to aesthetics, sometimes I get up in the morning and decide that I do not care about what to wear, and wear a plain shirt with jeans and a simple pair of Converse. However, I happen to adore fashion and many times express myself through clothing, and I dress well whenever I feel like doing so. Also, I collect tons of jewelry but actually wear only a few pieces.
    Well done with this article btw! I really enjoyed reading it :)

    1. I can relate to a lot of what you said, thank you for sharing your point of view and experiences with this aspect :)
      I have saturn in the 2nd house as well, which ties this problem to our sense of self-worth, making this even harder!
      Thank you!! xx

  4. Wow, what and interesting blog you have! I'm a big fan of astrology and constantly try to learn about it so I'm glad to have found this :) Really awesome.

    1. Thank you so much, this put a big smile on my face :-)

  5. My Venus Saturn midpoint conjuncts my ascendant 0.13 degrees, does that matter also?

  6. I have venus (sagittarius, 2nd house) square saturn (virgo, 10th house)...and I feel it a lot. I can be flirtatious as hell - as long as I'm not really interested in someone. then I feel safe and kind of free. but if I'm seriously attracted to someone (and attraction is always something dead serious to me) I get so afraid this person might recognize it right away. that's why I do stupid things like: don't say "hi!", look the other way...or generally behave oddly. afterwards I analyze myself to pieces, finding it hard to accept that everytime I try so hard to avoid any form of rejection and stay in control of the way I get pereceived by someone I'm romantically interested in, I feel like I'm making a total fool of myself. ...all the stuff that nightmares are made off. :)
    on the other hand I relate very much to the loyalty and sobriety influence of ven/sat. I hold on to the people and things I love - no matter what.
    and yes: the thing about the timelords of the zodiac...it's true! I look much better now than in my teenage years (= hell for some ven/sat-people I guess) and most people can't tell my age. :D

  7. I have Venus in Cancer (12th house) trine Saturn in Pisces (9th house) - this rings so true!!!! I think the elements of simple, humble beauty in Quaker design would also be very applicable to Saturn-Venus aspects. :)

  8. Oh this was great to read! I have Venus conj Saturn in Leo which is in my 10th House. The things that pop out for me is the fact that I still look like I am in my early 20's and I just turned 38 - I am do not look my age! I also prefer to date women about 10 years younger and all my friends are much older...finally I have issues with the "amour" - I have a hard time opening up. I want intimacy but really have a hard time developing it in friendships and def relationships. Actually, I just really haven't had many romantic intimate relationships in my life so far, which makes me feel sad. Not sure how to overcome this conjunction in that regard!

    1. This might help: http://hniizato.com/saturn-venus-conjunction-square-opposition/

  9. Nice article, i have venus square saturn and i most definitely felt it all my life. I can say when i look back, that it has been a constant theme in my life. I never had a girlfriend although i wanted one but at the same time i didn't. I just always thought deep down that i wasn't worthy of being loved. This aspect is a show stopper in the dating business. I've been through a few bits and pieces, neglecting myself, making myself the enemy, complete lack of self esteem. Only recently i've become aware of it, after nearly 36 years of it. My venus is conjunct neptune in sagittarius in the 7th house, and my saturn is in virgo in the 5th house.

  10. Venus conjunct saturn in the seventh house. Lot of what's been said
    fits well with what I have gone thru.Very good looks but was terrified of being rejected,so no relationships and still single in my middle age.

  11. Have venus and saturn conjunction in libra in twelfth house with north node in taurus in seventh house....fear of rejection really hurts....

  12. Have venus and saturn conjunction in libra in twelfth house with north node in taurus in seventh house....fear of rejection really hurts....

  13. Great article indeed, very spot on! I have Venus tightly conjunct Saturn in .... Capricorn. A nightmare until I understood at age 21 why I was reacting like I was. Always been attracted to older men and to Venus-Saturn types, strangely. And now, I attract younger men with Venus-Saturn aspects.
    I have a special empathy for people who have Venus in Capricorn and / or hard Venus-Saturn aspects and / or Saturn in the 5th or the 7th.

    1. i have both venus square saturn and venus in capricorn :/ when the saturnnian influence is that big im also a cap

  14. This is a lovely aspect that I definitely think plays a part in graceful aging. Mary Louise Parker has a venus saturn trine and is mercury dominant and she's one of the few people I can honestly say looks more gorgeous in her 50's than she did in her 20's...

  15. Hi,

    Good article! I don't have conjunction rather dominating planets are Venus followed by Saturn. Hope the same article is useful for such aspect.


  16. I have the square (venus sag./saturn virgo) and yeah it's not fun. I'm so terrified of being rejected that I invest a lot of energy in looking not interested, cool and distant. That way I missed a lot (I don't even wanna know how many) of opportunities to connect to people I felt the need to. At the time it somehow felt good, I even felt superior cause I managed to "not let it show"...how stupid...how sad. There is also an awkward self-awareness that comes with this aspect - and it's not helping.
    What I personally like about this aspect is the fact that I take all things concerning love and aesthetics very serious. Maybe too serious for some. But I think it makes my venus in sagittarius more down-to-earth, more loyal and more reliable.
    And I can say that I'm very lucky with my aging process so far. People are always in shock when they hear about my actual age. :)

    1. same for me. i have venus gemini square saturn aries. my selfish and self-critical saturn is in conflict with my curious and social gemini. since i was a teen, i always felt like i didnt belong. like literally i cant think of a situation in which i felt included in a bigger and connected context with my peers or people in general (only with close friends). and i miss that wholesome connection a lot. paradoxically i also act cool, like i dont need any affection from others. when in company with others, especially men, i avoid looking at them, because i think to myself "dont flirt, dont look over, act as if you dont need anybody. if you show any kind of sign, they might think that you're interested in them" i also think that's very sad, what would be the problem with showing interest? but just like you, i feel superior if i seem as uninterested as possible. even in my current relationship, i experience long periods in which i refuse to talk about my feelings, my daily experiences etc just because i dont want to be too involved. sometimes i even promise to myself to reduce communication to a minimum. i even forget that i set this goal for myself, start talking about an issue, interrupt myself and say "oh nevermind" and then critize myself for forgetting my promise and for getting weak. i try to share this kind of view with my partner as often as possible, but because he isnt capable of understanding why i intentionally keep myself away from him, he is often hurt. at the same time i cant imagine a life without him. my venus just craves communications and love. but my saturn refuses to let it in.
      but yeah, i also have a baby face and probably will look like 20 when i'm 35 hahah

  17. I've got Venus in cancer/8th house trine Saturn in Scorpio/12th house. Yikes. Lucky then that it's a trine (perhaps). Really hard shell in any case. People rarely get past it, and I've been perceived as a fairly cold beauty in the past, totally inaccessible, didn't have a relationship until I was 24, and even while in it was quite reserved and difficult etc. like all the water has so sensitised everything that it's been easier maintain power in curling up and shutting everyone out, resulting in a lot of isolation in my worser days (my early 20s).

    The very idea of a relationship or being with someone has always felt like life or death. Complete union or nothing at all. Was always a big deal in my head even as a kid. Especially when it came to a person's beauty or aesthetic/energy. Always a major "thing" for me. Thankfully I've learned that it doesn't need to be that way, and that I can channel it into dedication and being there through tough times, as well as being actually grounded and realistic. It's more that I wanted someone who could reciprocate a committed attitude like myself, but it took on grandiose proportions in my youth.

    Otherwise, I am definitely a time lord elf who never ages (an 32 but look about 18), and also only seem to get better looking and more refined and wiser-looking with age which is a definite bonus.

    I'm an artist as well and a lot of my stuff has to do with difficult transformative aspects, lots of decay and rebirth, and mystic psychological topics all put into aesthetic forms so an 8th house Venus definitely makes sense there too in connection to a Scorpio Saturn. Art and beauty is healing. A trine means this powerful art seems to come naturally too (and it does).

  18. I have saturn venus conjunction in libra ascendant.. Yes article is quite true matches.. Am 34 yet single n yes aging gracefully than compared to childhood


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