16 January 2015

♥ Zodiac Sign Poems ♥

Last night I asked you to send your personal art work and writings to me, so that AstrologyMarina becomes a place of collective celebration of and enthusiasm about astrology!
I want everyone to be able to share their creative astrology-themed output on here and for us to all appreciate it :) cool stuff from cool people for cool people.
This morning I went through my first submissions and I received two poems that stuck out to me, because they were similar in structure.

Thank you to both Melissa and Victoria for their poems! ♥

An Astrology Poem

by Melissa. apriltwelfths on tumblr

Aries is ruled by planet Mars
The most violent of the stars
You just can’t change a Taurus’ mind
Staying fixed the entire time
Gemini is Dr. Jekyll and Hyde
A conversationalist, you can’t deny
And Cancer moods change with the tide
Outside they’re hard, but soft inside
Now, everyone, bow down to Leo
And stroke their secretly fragile ego
Try not to get on Virgo’s nerves,
Those who are always willing to serve
Venus rules Libra fair
Always busy fixing their hair
Scorpio stands for transformation
And works for secret organizations
Adventure is what Sag is all about
They tend to stick their foot in their mouth
Although Caps are penny-pinchers,
Many of them are practical thinkers
Aquarians are sometimes weird,
Some of them will grow a beard
And last, but not least, is dreamy Pisces
They are unmistakably the nicest.


by Victoria. the-late-scapegoat on tumblr.

I have the tenacity of Aries, and always live in my head
with the insatiable appetites of Taurus; damn do I love bread
I hold the powers of Gemini to be another person instead
and I’m such a Cancer on those days I’d just rather stay at home in bed
I have the heart of the lion like a proud Leo; touch my luscious mane of hair or you’ll be dead
I can be anxious like a Virgo; disarray is something I quite dread
and like a Libra I’m a romantic; though from many a lover I have fled
I’m intense like a Scorpio, piss me off and lightly you must tread…
like a fiery Sagittarius, my passion for life, it burns red!
The sun was in Capricorn when I was born; the sign of a lone wolf, no more about that need be said
Progressive and free spirited like Aquarius, for this I refuse to ever wed
and I've been known to be sensitive like a Pisces; oh the tears I have shed…
Together these archetypes make up who I am, thread by thread…
I am the Zodiac, right down to every drop of blood bled.

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