08 February 2015

Miley Cyrus ♡ Birth Chart Reading

Hi everyone!!!
Somebody suggested me analyzing Miley's horoscope and I thought it was a great idea because she is definitely an interesting personality!
I really need to practice my chart reading skills and develop a better flow for my analyzations etc so feel free to always request celebrities for me to do readings of :)

Personality ✿

Miley has a Sagittarius Sun and a Scorpio Moon!
Now this, to me, really is the "no bullshit" combination - an intense emotional depth with a simultaneous carefree attitude. This combination makes one really honest and frank to the point of being tactless and provocative.
She has a need to challenge people and constantly transform herself, even in shocking ways (scorpio). And she deeply needs the freedom (sagittarius) to do so.

Her sun actually conjuncts her moon, this blends the theme of sagittarius and scorpio together seamlessly; extreme idealism, intense need for freedom, finding freedom in breaking taboos.

Sun and Moon are actually in a big quadruple conjunction together with mercury and pluto.
Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio, this whole theme is magnified: depth and provocative intensity, the need to be free from what people define as taboo, the search for truth and true freedom.

Mercury stands for intellect and our ability to communicate, so verbal expression and intellectualization of this whole theme is important as well. Miley might feel as if she needs to understand herself and what she wants on a rational basis and she's definetly a communicator who likes talking about the deep and essential stuff. Miley lets meet up and discuss aliens and the after-life and stuff!!!

As if that isn't enough!!!! her sun also falls into the 8th house, the part of the horoscope that is ruled by scorpio as well. Miley is super intense, deep, dramatic, extreme - she would never half-ass things, she is all-or-nothing, with a deep need to transform herself, to transmute her identity, until she finds herself by having gone through so many phases she is left with only the essential, the core of herself.

This whole four-fold conjunction opposes her taurus ascendent.
Her mentality and attitude towards life can be very stubborn and she might have a hard time changing her point of view. This is in a conflict with her wanting to constantly transform herself.
There's some tension between keeping up a consistent persona and being slow to change and her impulsive needs for transformation and freedom.

"freedom from what other people define as taboo"

Career ★

Miley's Jupiter, the planet of abundance and rich resources, falls into her fifth house of creativity!
Jupiter always shows a part of the horoscope where we are so optimistic and self-condifent that we might just overinterpret our talents and luck.
Jupiter shows where we were fed with the belief of being super great and super awesome and where we lose our grip of reality.
For Miley, her creative expression was immensely supported from an early age.
She also has her IC in Leo, indicating a family and home environment that encouraged self-expression and the development of your personal artistic abilities.
You can clearly tell from her chart that she grew up in a family of artists that made her believe and trust in her artistic abilities.

Jupiter trining her midheaven shows that her confidence and belief in her creative and artistic abilities positively influences her career and success.
Her public image projects this generosity and confidence.
Mileys midheaven is in Aquarius, the sign of weird people and rebels, and this describes what she is publically known as!!
Its funny how having your IC in Leo - an artistic family that encourages your creativity and self-expression - always means that you will be publically perceived as a strange outsider, someone who does their own thing and doesnt really fit the norm (aquarius midheaven).

Its also important to note that the midheaven shows who we develop into throughout our lives, its the point that shows what we need to become to be more of who we are, to settle into our true selves.
So, miley being rebellious and strange and provocative is not just a phase its who she really is!!! goddamn!! leave her alone!!! *slams fist on desk dramatically*

Saturn conjuncts her midheaven, showing that being respected in the public eye, earning credit and being taken seriously in her career is not just important to her, its also something that will naturally develop.

Love Life ♥

Jupiter is an inharmonic square aspect to Venus, planet of love.
This can mean that either her sense of self-confidence interferes with her being able to love others unconditionally (in a kind of haughty 'better than you' way) OR it means that her affection and love for others is unhealthily overdone and naive.
Jupiter is the planet of belief and being in a harsh relationship with Venus, she either believes in others too little or too much, she either only trusts herself, or loses herself in trusting others completely.
I don't know a lot about Miley's love life, but I know her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth left her after she went through her "big transformation", so I am guessing it is the latter - she was so sure and confident of his love that she would have never thought anything she could do would end their relationship. I am seeing this aspect as a sort of blind and naive devotion, which, although not necessarily bad, is a hard aspect to work with.

I had many more notes on mileys chart written down but I didnt want to get into everything because it simply wouldve been tooo much!! But I hoped you liked this semi-short description of her chart :)

Have a nice week!! 


  1. This is amazing! I'd love if you analyzed Kit Harington's birth-chart. Or Andrew Garfield, lol. Love them both so much and Kit and I even have the same birthday :D

    1. I second Kit Harington's birth chart!!

    2. Kofi Siriboe is not so known but him pls?

  2. Brilliant analysis, Marina. Miley has a very powerful chart.

    1. Thank you so much Sue :)
      True!! She's fascinating and reminds me a lot of myself actually

  3. I'd love to see Jason Momoa's chart! I always learn so much from you!

  4. I don't know any of the celebrities suggested except for Andre Garfield!!! haha

  5. Ahh I love Miley! Could you do Vanessa Hudgens next maybe?

  6. lol wow I was born on the same day as Miley and only our houses and ascendant differ, my AS being gemini but that was like having someone read me haha. It's funny because my big transformative years were the same as hers except not in the public eye but had similar themes.
    The artistic side of the chart especially was spot on because I'm the only one in my family that has any artistic skills and they've pushed me towards honing my skills really early on!

    But anyway, great job as usual!

    1. yes, considering you were born on the same day you should have the same major transits as miley and should be going through the same phases and life changes :)
      glad to hear you enjoyed my reading;
      thank you for the comment!!

  7. Awesome. Can I ask what you'd have to say on a Virgo IC/Pisces Midheaven? - Your Leo/Aqua explanation was perfect!


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