20 March 2015

Happy new astrological year!! ♡

As I'm writing this the moon just turned into aries and the sun is about to turn into aries in a few hours! Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the aries season marks the beginning of a new astrological year!

If you live on the northern hemisphere you might have witnessed the solar eclipse today!
To be honest, it wasn't that great here in south-west Germany, as you can see above it was very foggy and the moon only covered about half of the sun.
Visually, it might not have been that sensational but the astrological transits and energies right now are very exciting!

The pisces new moon was all about letting to and now that almost half of the planets are in aries, it's time to turn your back to the closed doors and open some new ones :-)

Aries Season

Having so many planets turning into or being in aries right now it's all about initiative, new beginnings and new doors opening.
As you can see below, the moon, uranus and neptune are in aries and the sun is about to turn into aries as well.
(By the way, I'd really love to throw a new years eve party on the 21st of March one day, astrology-themed and everything!)

My aries friend Kevin told me to think in terms of no limits! He said that since saturn is in retrograde I should think and act as if there are no restrictions...
I've been wanting to quit Uni but was afraid and unsure about what to do after that and the only things I really considered were other college or Uni courses here in Germany.
But if anything was possible, what would I do? I'd probably move abroad to study astrology, I thought. 
It's extremely scary, especially considering how expensive living in London is but as soon as I considered the possibility I had this feeling in my stomach that this would be the biggest adventure and the struggle would be worth it.
I imagined being old, looking back at my life thinking "What if back then I hadn't been too scared to quit Uni and pursue my happiness?"
I feel like I just have to do something like that for myself right now, like this is the best time for it and even if it doesn't work out there won't be that regretful what if...

So with Saturn and Jupiter in retrograde right now, having gone through the phase of letting go of the past with the pisces transits and moving into the action-oriented, spontaneous, daring and reckless aries energy - what are your what-ifs?

By the way, my new shoes came today, I got the same pair of white converses and I thought the comparison to my old pair was hilarious. When I showed this picture to a friend he was like "wait, your shoes used to be white? I thought you had yellow shoes!" hahaha

Have a great day!!
Marina :-)


  1. Zayn Malik left One Direction. Joe Santagato left SDK. Thanks a lot Aries.. :(


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