19 March 2015

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 20th March 2015

Good evening, everyone!
I am trying something new today.
You could say I've had a "blogging burnout" and I've not felt like writing on here lately.I've still been journaling and ranting about astrology and personal stuff in my private diary though and that's easily my favorite thing to do!
Nothing is more therapeutic and nothing brings as much clarity and wisdom as journaling.

I never really wanted to bother you with my personal rambles on here but I've noticed that worrying too much about this blog being rather professional and anonymous is what made me lose interest.
So I thought what the heck - I am just going to be completely open and casual from now on.

This definetly is the eclipse energy brooding in the late degrees of pisces right now.
I just want to let go of everything that keeps me contained and safe and just be utterly vulnerable by committing to sharing myself.
So this will be my journal about my personal thoughts and experiences of astrological transits or placements or energies etc!!! Basically my private journal but non-private instead!!!
I'll also share some photographs and anything I want pretty much :-)

life lately

So the solar eclipse in pisces will be tomorrow and this is what it is about;
  • endings & dissolving. The eclipse is in the last degree of the zodiac wheel and a new zodiacal year will start on saturday, on the first day of the aries season. This is probably a better time for new years resolutions than the actual new years eve! It's time to let go of what no longer serves you.
  • you might feel pressured to suddenly or drastically act or change something. It's not yet time for that! Now is the time to let go, relax and take a chill pill. Let it settle and wait for the next eclipse (!!!) on April 4th!
  • Between these two ecplises, there's huge potential for fateful events, synchronicities and coincidences. Everything will be weird and kind of like a constant dream or deja vu. I'm excited to see what will happen and I'd love to hear about your experiences!
  • The people most strongly affected by this eclipse are those with their sun, moon or ascendent in a late degree of pisces, virgo, sagittarius or gemini.

I think the important thing is to stop trying to control an outcome at this time.
Pisces is vulnerability and surrender so just be completely open and non-resistent to whatever will happen in the next few days.
The universe knows what it's doing and if you just let it do its thing you'll notice that it had the right plan for you all along.
Stop worrying about changing something, just hand all responsibilities to the cosmos and let it take over for a while! Just wait it out, that's the best you can do right now.

The soundtrack for this eclipse: No control by One Direction!!!!!!!!

have a great day!!!!



  1. That was nice to read Marina :) I just checked and there is an 11th house stellium during the eclipse in my transit chart.

    Also I'm a 28 degree Gemini Ascendant so I'm curious what this will mean for me.

    1. Thank you Franka!! :) Seems like your circle of friends will be affected! for me its the 3rd house, not so sure what to expect from that...
      I almost cannot wait until the eclipse, Ill probably be like a little child too excited to go to sleep tonight because something big is happening tomorrow hahaaha


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