06 March 2015

Uranus in Capricorn and Aquarius

In my sociology lecture about social norms, innovation was defined as the acceptance of a society’s goals and ideals with a simultaneous rejection of its legitimate means of achieving them. So, innovation is pretty much all about rebellious experimentation, finding new ways of doing something by swimming against the stream.

I go to university in Trier, the birth place of Karl Marx, the infamous socialist. He just so happens to have a strong Uranus in his horoscope, the planet of innovation, experimentation, freedom and equality in astrology.

Uranus is the planet that indicates rebellion in a person’s horoscope. Uranus is also really strong in the horoscope of James Dean, the epitome of the rebel archetype.

Next time you’re reading a newspaper horoscope (which you shouldn’t be doing; they’re really generalized, vague and unprofessional) and Uranus is mentioned, you can expect sudden changes, coincidences and surprises!

Talking about sudden changes: Uranus was accidentally found by William Herschel and was the first modern planet to be discovered! There’s even more coincidences and weird synchronicities: The discovery was in 1781, the time of the French Revolution and other important shifts in the social and political landscape of Europe. And, if you can remember correctly, Uranus is the planet of rebellion, individuality, anarchy and changes. This planets motto might very well be “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s so cool to see that everything connected to this planet is similar in a certain way, no matter if it’s a person or an event – they all stand for this sense of rebellion.

Uranus' orbit is quite big and it stays in one zodiac sign for about seven years, so its influence is not as personal and individual as that of the sun, for example.
The sun stands for ego and self-expression and is colored by the sign it was in at someone’s birth.
Uranus stands for rebellion and innovation and the sign it is in colors a generation’s expression of that archetypal theme.

I want to quickly talk about the Uranus generations that I think are most relevant to my readers:

Born ’89 – ’95: Uranus in Capricorn Generation

Capricorn is the sign of ambitions and career, of making your place in the world, earning respect and being of influence. I think this generation is the first one to rebel against old norms of the “ladder of success”. The Uranus in Capricorn generation is that of young entrepreneurs, self-employment and freelancers. On a collective scale, these are the people who really started questioning the old system and wanted innovations in career possibilities – these are the escapees of the rat race.

This is the generation that can’t find jobs and is accused of being lazy, when; really, careers have been shifting to a degree where self-employment will become the new norm!

Born ’96 – ’03: Uranus in Aquarius Generation

Aquarius is the sign ruled and naturally associated with Uranus and this is why people born under this zodiac sign are known as rebels and innovators. Aquarius is the water bearer, which means that they have what the people need, a sort of metaphorical water. This is a very humanitarian sign. Rebellion and innovation is important for a forward-movement – this, by the way, is why the glyph for the zodiac sign Aquarius are two waves – water that is moving forward (is this fascinating or what!?)

This generation is the one fighting for social justice and equality, which is evident with all these young people on tumblr declaring their feminism, which makes me so proud and hopeful about our future! All these people who, thanks to the internet, are being exposed to the fight against sexism and racism are what makes up the Uranus in Aquarius generation! You go!

Also, happy #blackout friday! :-)

By the way, the coming generation of Uranus in Pisces, which started with people born in 2004, will bring more openness to spirituality and the intangible, so maybe astrology will become a more important part of people’s everyday life again!

Have a great week!

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