21 April 2015

Pluto Retrograde Horoscope April - September 2015

Pluto is in retrograde right now, in 15° of capricorn, and will be until the 25th of September, when it will have "traveled backwards" to 12° of capricorn!

When any planet goes retrograde, its theme will be intensely internalized and with Pluto, you will probably have some traumas regarding powerlessness resurface. Those will be connected to whatever house Pluto is transiting in your personal chart (we'll get to that later!)

There's a possibility of being triggered a lot in the coming five months, you will be reunited with some old shadows and demons of yours. Now is the time to work through them and transform yourself for good. Pluto will remind you of things you've not dealth with properly yet and urge you to heal - let go or be dragged.

Capricorn is the goat ambitiously climbing mountains and our plutonian traumas we've not dealt with properly are holding us back from advancing - in whatever life area indicated by the house pluto falls into. Pluto is feared, because it wants to see us on our knees and you will have to reach a point of vulnerability where you absolutely admit and and surrender to your powerlessness. However, by giving in and letting go, you will actually regain power over that area of life, because what you resist, persists!

So, in which area of your life will you experience this?
If you use the calculator on my blog, you can find the house the pluto retrograde falls into like this:

The Transit of the Houses

During this time, you will have to let go of your controlling grip and heal and transform yourself concerning your....

House 1: Identity, Persona, the effect you have on others, how they perceive you and how you present yourself.
House 2: Self-Worth, Security, Inherent Wealth and Resources.
House 3: Self-Expression, Communication, Information Exchange.
House 4: Home, Roots, Family, Privacy.
House 5: Talents, Creativity, Hobbies, Play.
House 6: Routine, Rituals, Work, Health.
House 7: Relationships, Significant Others, Enemies.
House 8: Shared Resources, Intimacy, Secrets.
House 9: Worldview, Philosophy, Education.
House 10: Career, Social Status, Ambition, Vocation.
House 11: Network, Friendship circles, Groups.
House 12: Unconsciousness, Self-Undoing, Escapism.

Me being a plutonian (having pluto as the dominant planet in my birth chart) I joke about how "No Control" by One Direction is my anthem. The lyrics are the ultimate inspiration for a plutonian and, funnily enough, they were written by Louis, a plutonian himself!
Whenever I have a harsh pluto transit to go through, I listen to "No Control" for inspiration and build imaginary prayer circles with fellow plutonians on tumblr.

Just imagine singing this song to Pluto, god of the underworld - serenade him enough and he'll be merciful with you (I'm half joking - and half serious..)

I can’t contain this anymore
I’m all yours
I’ve got no control
No control
And I don’t care it’s obvious
I just can’t get enough of you
The pedals down my eyes are closed
No control

Good luck everyone!



  1. Virgo sun/Aries moon11 May 2015 at 11:05

    Interesting post about retrograde, I didn't know before what that reversed R means ;) But I want to ask about this part when you wrote about Pluto being your dominant planet. How can I find my dominant planet(s)? Sorry if it's too obvious, I'm new in that whole astrology thing ;)

    1. You can calculate it by choosing the Pullen/astrolog chart in the extended chart selection on astro.com !
      Its explained in more detail here: https://anupturnedsoul.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/what-planet-dominates-you/

    2. Virgo sun/Aries moon13 May 2015 at 22:16

      Great, thank you! So now I know I'm a Mercurian... and I'm not surprised at all ;)


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