23 May 2015

moment to moment

This is a bit of a different post but my friend recently started her own blog all about her views on society, spirituality and the universe from her poetic, Cancerian perspective, which inspired me to get a bit more philosphical on here too.
Her blog is called universe is withing you (uiwy)

Some months ago I read a story that went something like this:
A fisherman was sleeping next to a lake with his fishing pole in the water.
A man walked by saying angrily "what are you doing? Why are you sleeping? Why aren't you working?"
The fisherman was confused. "Why should I work?"
"Well, because then you'd catch more fish and make more money!"
"Then what?"
"Well then you could buy more things for your family!"
"Then what?"
At this point the man was starting to get irritated.
"Well, then maybe one day you could hire employees to fish for you!"
"Then what?"
The man was in rage now.
"Maybe then you could have a business and wouldn't have to work anymore and you could relax and sleep next to the lake all day!"
"What do you think I am doing?"

I love this story because it perfectly sums up the rat race. Constantly chasing happiness when it is actually available right now.

My family is enslaved to the rat race.
The irony is that you will never truly win. Because even when you do win the rat race, you are still a rat.
You might have seen me write on tumblr about how I am not enjoying Uni and I don't think it's for me and that I want to quit.
My family keeps saying to stay in Uni, pull through with it.

Stay in Uni. So you can get a job you hate even more than what you are studying.
So you can make money.
So you can earn respect and buy lots of things.
So that maybe that will make you happy enough to make up for the misery of not doing what makes you happy.
And maybe it will cancel each other out so that you will be fine.
But most probably, you will be miserable.
But at least you will have money.

You will spend all day waiting for 5pm so you can go home.
You will spend all week waiting for friday so it's the weekend.
You will spend all year waiting for summer vacation that you spend on the same spanish beach each year.
You will spend all your life waiting for retirement. For a few years of freedom.
But at least you will have money.

It isn't that crazy and revolutionary to see how dysfunctional this system is, right?

Many people get that "happiness is not a destination, it is a journey" yet they fail to realize that what that means it - happiness can only ever exist right now.
This moment is all we ever have.
What you do each moment sums up what you do with your life.
Happiness is not and end result, it can only ever be achieved in this moment.

I love Teal Swans concept of "cutting out the middle man".
All we ever do is motivated by us believing that it will make us happier.
Getting a job, going into a relationship, whatever it is - the motivation is only every happiness.
But what if we can be happy right now, instead of taking the long and complicated way?
Why chase happiness when it is always available?
It's not a goal, it's a state of being.

Live now. Depleat each moment - take everything you can from it.
Don't worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself.
Each moment should be a stick set on fire on both ends.
Don't be economical with your time.
It's not huge acts that make you "live to your fullest".
You don't have to travel the world, volunteer in a developing country, hold an inspirational speech or bungee jump - to truly live to your fullest, live every single moment completely.
You should not spend your moments "filling time".
Follow your playful intuition and become like a child again.
Life should not be lived modestly, trying to arrive at your death bed safely.

Don't save up that candle, burn it if you want to, that's the reason you bought it in the first place.
Wear that shirt to bed if you want to, don't wait for a special occasion.
Every moment is a special occasion. You are alive for fox sake.
Put on comfy pants even if you have to change and leave the house in twenty minutes. Make those twenty minutes as comfy as possible!
Start now and figure it out along the way.

There is no great purpose to chase.
Just joy to feel in every moment and to share with others.

How can you make yourself a bit happier right now, how could you live a bit more and follow your intuitive and childlike instinct for play and joy?
Draw, write, sing, take a walk, listen to music, do crafts, call a friend, paint your nails, cook, dress up, dance around, read, lie in the sun, meditate, ride your bike, go buy some fresh fruit, give your pet a bath, play with your siblings?
Do it. Every single moment is a chance to live. Go live.


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