01 May 2015

Moon Transits - How to keep track of and forecast your mood

Sun Sign horoscopes are vague and not realiable, we all know that. But keeping track of the sign the moon is currently in will make you be able to anticipate mood swings, be prepared for them and plan your week or month accordingly.

The moon travels through the whole zodiac within about a month (the word month, by the way, comes from the word moon). As the moon goes through its monthly cycle, so do women. As the tides of the ocean are drawn in and out by the gravitational pull of the moon, so do our moods fluctuate.

The moon stays in one zodiac sign for about 2,5 days and the moon sign in your personal chart is the one the moon was traveling through at the moment of your birth. This basic emotional mood is deeply imprinted into you. Donna Cunningham describes the difference between your personal moon sign and the signs the moon is transiting on a day-to-day basis like this: The moon sign in your chart is your emotional climate, the sign the moon is currently in is your emotional weather.


Depending on whether the current moon sign is compatible with the one in your birth chart, this emotional weather will affect you positivel or negatively. All weather is neutral and perceived subjectively - some people love thunderstorms and some people really hate the heat. In the same way, some people might feel great while the moon is in Virgo and others will be really down during these 2,5 days.

Ways to keep track of the current moon sign

  • The current planetary positions widget in the sidebar of my blog
  • Download a lunar phase app
  • Buy a moon calendar
  • Get an astrology software - I use Astrology, which is a free one
Each sign is 30° wide, so when the moon is in an early degree such as 2° libra, it just turned into that sign and will stay there for another two days. If the moon is in a late degree such as 28° libra, it will turn into the next sign soon.

The moon follows the cycle of the zodiac wheel. The order of the signs is the same as in the table above; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
So when the moon is in Aquarius it will turn into Pisces next and then into Aries and so on. It's constantly cycling.


  • You won't necessarily feel like the above table is correct, due to other influences in your chart. The best way to become aware of and expect certain moods is to keep a journal. Just keep track of how each moon sign makes you feel. I, for example, love it when the moon is in virgo, although it's incompatible with my leo moon. Virgo just makes me really productive.
  • Plan accordingly. When you have a better idea of what to expect for each moon sign period of 2,5 days, you can plan to, for example, get a lot of work done on your productive days or stay in and pamper yourself on your down days, etc.
  • How the daily moon signs affect your mood gives you hints on who you're compatible with! The way these transits influence your mood is probably the way someone with that moon sign in their own chart will make you feel! Take note of the combinations that work for you, even though they aren't usually considered compatible!

Have fun with this!! :-)
♡ Marina ♡

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