04 May 2015

Venus in Gemini ♀♊ Gemini in Love

When the planet of love falls into the sign of the twins, you'll have a kind of love that is very flirtatious. Gemini is an intellectual and youthful air sign, so, in a relationship, there will be lots of playful teasing, witty conversations, tickling - their love is very innocent and childlike and a lot of fun.

They love the intellectual stimulation of getting to know someone new, conversing with them, charming them with their words and being seduced by their mind.
When in love, Venus in Gemini will want to talk to their person of interest non-stop, share knowledge and diverse interests with them. This placement makes one especially sociable and a great conversationalist.
These individuals are a clever and entertaining flirt and they love to charm and seduce others with their speech or via text messages / facebook chat / Email / phone - they're very diverse and fall in love (and make others fall in love) through words.

Venus in Gemini enjoys debates and likes relationships or flirts that challenge their intellect.
They're great at that as well, being very adaptive and able to see others' points of view easily.
Loving more so with the mind than with the heart, they're quite awkward with romance and won't express their deep and undying love dramatically.
Their love letters would probably be titled "10 objective reasons that make us an ACE COUPLE!"

These individuals need lots of excitement and will always need to know what the other one is doing or thinking. They're not controlling, though, they just need constant interaction. Venus in Gemini hates to get bored with routine and variety is the spice of their love.
In relationships, they will want to gain experiences and get to know their partner mentally - they will almost try to figure them out, remembering lots of little facts about their romantic interest. Gaining new knowledge and insights excites them.
Since they hate to get bored and don't like settling into routine, they prefer several short contacts rather than extended periods of time spent together.
In fact, this placement will probably be absolutely fine with long-distance relationships, because it allows them a lot of freedom and the times they do spend together with their partner are intense and a lot of fun.

However, even with all this flirtatiousness and intellectual excitement (or maybe because of it), Venus in Gemini might lack emotional accessibility in relationships. They tend to pick their "mate" rationally (they might even actually call it that) and are generally rather calculating and not the typical hopeless romantics.
They are definetly curious about love and relationships but rarely get involved deeply because their attention span is too short and their subjective feelings are too removed from it.
The love of a Venus in Gemini is exciting yet fleeting like a bright butterfly fluttering by... they're rather hot and cold and can be all over you one minute but will want to be left alone the next.
They might let you hang in the air, not sure about where you are in the relationship (they don't know either and they don't want to decide, they want  to keep all options open!)
These individuals are a flirt and a tease, their love is vibrant, fun, innocent, exciting, witty and stimulating but some people might feel like every relationship with a gemini venus is a long-distance relationship.

Thank you for reading :-)
Marina ♡


  1. Thank you for this. After reading it, I can emotionally let a failed relationship fade away, instead of holding onto it or hoping he comes back. It looks like he won't and I don't want him to.

  2. My venus is in gemini and I totally identify with this with! However, I have fallen in love and when in love I can say I'm ALL in it. It's funny bc when I was in love and not wanting to be bc my counterpart, a venus in scorpio who was stuck on a past failed relationship, I wanted my cold detachment to return but it couldn't! Now that I'm seeing/not seeing (I love leaving the options open lol) this description completely manifests itself. Thank you!


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