20 June 2015

A Love Letter to Plutonians

How do you know whether you're ruled and dominated by the god of the underworld?
After reading this, you might just know.
Or you could go to astrodienst.com and calculate your Pullen/Astrolog chart to see which planets are strongest in you.

You arouse extreme reactions. People don't feel neutral about you. They either hate you or love you. You are polarizing - like a magnet, you either repel or attract - but both reactions will be extreme. And you might just be very mysteriously magnetic to certain people. I want you to know that I am on your side. That I will not be repelled by you and that I can handle your extreme ways.

You are a taboo-breaker. You tell dirty and inappropriate jokes - often unexpectedly. You look like the innocent flower but are the serpent underneath. You say thing as they are. Your merciless honesty might be shocking, but I appreciate it.

You are never lukewarm about anything. Extreme and intense, you don't half-ass anything - it is always either all or nothing.

You are interested in the deeper and darker sides of life and the human psyche, you cannot be comforted with a lie because truth is your highest value. You are raw. You are blunt. You don't sugarcoat. You keep it real. You don't deny your own dark side. You don't conceal the ugly sides of life. You can see right through other people. You have extreme psychological intuition.

Constantly transforming and refining yourself, you are not afraid to destroy something to have something better blossom out of the fertile grounds of destruction. You are not afraid to let go, to start anew, to reinvent. Nobody goes through more personal deaths and rebirths than you do. Constantly hitting rock bottom and then rising like a phoenix out of its own ashes, you will be more wise and beautiful than before, after every single transformation.

Nothing is scarier to you than vulnerability, which can leave you being quite paranoid, obsessive, even manipulative - because you know your own darkness, you also see it in others and expect them to see it in you. But there is nothing you want more than utter intimacy on all levels.

You are not blinded by physical posessions, status,... you know that what is truly important is what you take to the underworld - the soul. The soul and all its wisdom. The naked soul, completely truthful and vulnerable. The soul you see in everyone else but are scared to show yourself.

I want you to know that you don't have to be afraid. Those who deny and suppress their dark sides have less control over it. You might be more openly blunt and dark, you might think you are different, "fucked up". But you have nothing to hide. You have complete control over your darkness by exposing it into the light of consciousness and visibility. Your soul is pure only when you dare to show it completely.
You might not know it, but it's a rare thing to look at yourself with the same level of honesty that you do. You see your dark sides. You bring them into the light of consciousness.
You look like the serpent but you are the innocent flower underneath.



  1. I loved it! I am mainly Jupiterian (14%) but secondly Plutonian (13.5%) so I can relate. Thanks for sharing, take care Marina!

    1. Those two are my strongest planets too! :-) I think I should write love letters to other dominant types as well, because I love them all.
      Thank you!!

  2. I am a Scorpio/Pluto dominant and you are right, this is exactly me. I just kept getting more excited as I read this because it is such a good description of my life and my inner thoughts. The only thing is I've never really experienced anyone feeling hate or love for me... it's always just kind of lukewarm and uninterested. That could just be differences in our actual charts though(probably that I have my sun and venus in the 12th).


  4. 😍😍😍😍 Awwwww. Genuinely, there's not be a single stitch in time in my life, that someone explained it so perfectly. The DARK and the Light. And, I never looked at it that nobody sees me more honestly than I do myself.. because I'm blunt, straight from the hip, *REAL* about stuff. I've always seen it as somewhat of a flaw. The blunt and blurting honesty. It's still a struggle to control that mouth some days. (I have Mercury in Sagittarius too. So,I talk, a lot.)
    I *DO* kinda pride myself on my ability to "bounce back" as it were. The path to hell and back is a familiar one. But, not one to panic about. Where most people falter, and freak out, I'm like "Dude, I got this. This is how we'll fix it". Being the Queen of Rebirth and Transformation. I'm always changing something. Usually, appearance. Also, Wanderlust!!! I've moved 46 times since 2002. Sometimes. For fun. Sometimes, for survival. But, somehow, managed to land on my feet every time. And yes, improve after a shorter time than expected. Yes. You nailed it. All of it.
    (I have Pluto in the first house of Scorpio, along with Saturn and my moon. My moon is aspected with loads..smh.)

  5. Wow. Thanks. I came across this when I found out I was 90% Plutonians. You described it perfectly. 💜

  6. This is my favorite thing! I really related to the way you have described Plutonians. My two dominant planets are also 8th and 9th house! This is my new fave blog, and I'm totally inspired to begin journaling now! :)

  7. I love this! I really related to this post. But I'm not entirely sure if I'm plutonian; 8th and 9th house are my dominant houses though! I think that's what plutonian and jupiterian means..? I've got Moon, Uranus, and Neptune in 8th house. Anyway loved this letter! :]

  8. like everyone else it was nice to read and relate to your writing. I am considered plutonian with placements stellium in the 8th (incl. pluto) and scorpion sun sign. And yup, some of my personality quirks. I have this kind of sixth sense when it comes to people that scares the crap out them and a lot of people were kind of freaked out by it so I just keep it low key. I love the dark side of life, life/death, the meaning of life and death, heaven/hell, religions of all types. I also love things that cannot be explained or controlled. I went on a somewhat obsessive quest of learning about the brain and how we express emotions (it started with a quest to learn how to control emotions and became a great learning of the process and intricacies of the functioning of the brain). I do consider myself a little out there and a bit of a loner as not many people "get" me.