13 June 2015

Currently Reading - Astrology & Psychology Books (June 2015)

Cosmos and Psyche - Richard Tarnas

After reading The Archetypal Cosmos, I fell in love with the concept of archetypal cosmology and Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas is the second classic work from this new field.
I actually feel like this book is easier to read, it's not as dense but also more slow-paced. I do enjoy it though, it's super interesting.
Archetypal Cosmology is basically the idea that the whole universe, the whole cosmos, is based on and structured according to archetypes, such as the astrological planets. This is combined with years of case studies and it's just super fascinating and mind-blowing.
It's also a kind of "astrology proof" "pro-astrology" "scientific astrology" "statistical astrology" work so to anyone who has asked me whether there is proof for astrology: you will find a lot of it in this book.

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Moon Signs - Donna Cunningham

Donna Cunningham is one of my favorite astrology authors, I absolutely loved her book on Healing Pluto Problems and she also has a cool blog called skywriter!
This book covers everything about moon signs. I love her concept of natal moon sings being our emotional climate and the daily moon signs being our emotional weather. This is actually what inspired my blogpost about forecasting moods.
This is a really good book to introduce you to moon signs, transits, mythology, basically everything!
It's also a great guide on how to use the daily moon signs to your benefit, how to understand other's emotions based on their moon sign and so on!

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Fear of Life - Alexander Lowen

Actually, I just finished this book. It was really informative and eye-opening.
It deals with the psychotherapy of neurosis caused by the oedipus complex.
A neurotic person is someone who supresses feelings and memories through muscular tension, which causes flat breathing. They do so as to not feel their feelings completely, to run away from themselves, the intensity of being fully alive.
I do suffer under neurosis to a certain degree but just the awareness that this book brought me has already helped me!
I advise you to only read this book if you are open to facing the depths of the human psyche, it's a pretty heavy subject.

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Archetypes of Astrology - Ena Stanley

The archetypal part of astrology is easily my favourite next to the psychological one, but they do kind of go hand-in-hand.
This is an awesome combination of mythology, symbolism, astrology - it really helps you delve into each of the archetypes. There's a chapter on each of the twelve archetypes (i.e. Aries, Mars and the 1st House and so on).
Actually, this book reminds me very very strongly of the one I am currently working on and it's like Ena Stanley used almost exactly the same words I did at times. Now I'm kind of worried it'll look like I stole my ideas from her but I think things like these just show how universal archetypes are and that everyone has access to the collective unconscious, to the realm of these archetypes.

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Aspects in Astrology - Sue Tompkins

It's been said that this is the best book about astrological aspects out there and although I haven't read enough to agree, I do think that this book is amazing!!
It's the kind of book where, when you read about your own placements, the accuracy baffels you and you learn so much about yourself.
It is a very thorough book, explaining all major aspects, aspect figures, and each possible planetary aspect.
This book will definitely help you further your knowledge about astrology extensively - I feel like this has really helped me learn a lot.
When you reach a learning plateau it's hard to find books that are really interesting but this one is amazing, so I highly recommend it!

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  1. I have the book Aspects in astrology by Sue Tompkins and I agree with you.It's one of the books I always return to. :-) I'll try to find other books you recommended.Keep up the good work Marina!I like your posts very much. :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aspects in astrology is a good one :)

    I like:

    "Astrology: A Cosmic Science" by Isabel Hickey. It covers SO much information including a lot of specific about planets and their character traits, planets in signs, and houses, ascendants, houses and their cusps, and aspects.

    There's so much information that I still GO TO it when i need a refresher :)


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