07 June 2015

Money & Finances in the Horoscope

In the Birth Chart, the succedent houses show the things gained through the preceding angular houses, the value and rewards drawn from them. There are four succedent houses, all ruled by fixed signs, indicating the safety and security that they bring. The 2nd House (ruled by Taurus), the 5th House (ruled by Leo), the 8th House (ruled by Scorpio), and the 11th House (ruled by Aquarius).

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of socialization and they are the greatest indicators for wealth and poverty. Jupiter shows where we have felt abundant and are confident due to the way we were socialized. Saturn shows where we have felt lacking and are insecure due to the way we were socialized. The horoscope always eqautes personal perception with physical manifestation. So, feeling like you are lacking will manifest as you actually lacking. I'll get more specific on that for each of the succedent houses.

You might not have either of these planets in any of these four houses but I will discuss these placements because they are the most clear in indicating the financial situation in the chart.

The 2nd House - Self-Worth & Inheritance

Mistakenly, this is the classic house of finances and what people look at when predicting wealth or poverty. However, this house precedes the 1st House of the self in terms of pure physical incarnation. This is not so much the money we actually make, but rather money we inherit, the relationship that the family we were born into has with money. We inherit those relationships to and beliefs about money as well. This determines our self-worth, the value we see in ourselves, and also whether we have a mentality that is focused on what we lack in both financial and personal resources or on what we have to offer.
This does not necessarily show that we have a rich or poor family, but rather whether our family made us feel rich and like we lived in abundance or whether they made us feel poor and like our material  lives lacked. Oftentimes, being rich financially and feeling rich personally are congruent, but not always.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd House shows great self-worth and heavy spending.
  • Saturn in the 2nd House shows lack of self-worth and greed.

The 5th House - The value of what we create

This is the house of creative expression. It is the house following the 4th house of our soul, so it shows the value and worth of our innermost being, contrary to that of our mere physical incarnation shown in the 2nd House. This is the house of what we create - talents, self-expression, art, even children! Everything we create from our soul has a certain type of value and can give that back to us in terms of financial value. It shows how precious our creative talens are, how much money they could make us. It shows how well our children provide for us. It also shows how loved we are or, rather, how loved we feel, because this house shows the value we attach to our soul!

  • Jupiter in the 5th House shows creativity and talent, being loved and potential children who provide well for you.
  • Saturn in the 5th House shows restriction of self-expression, a sense of lacking creative ability, not feeling able to be loved or receive love, potential children who provide poorly for you.

The 8th House - Partner's Resources

This house follows the 7th of relationships, so it shows what we gain from them, both personally and financially. On a personal level, it indicates both intimacy and personal growth and transformation. On a financial level, it shows the partner's resources, the money they make or the posessions they own, the money or posessions we get through divorce or after they decease. It also shows debt, since it indicates what others own. This is opposed to the 2nd House of personal resources and self-worth, so it is also the self-worth and confidence gained in partnerships.
  • Jupiter in the 8th house shows we will marry someone who will make us feel rich personally and/or financially.
  • Saturn in the 8th House shows we will marry someone who will makes us feel poor personally and/or financially.

The 11th House - Employees & Income

Again, the 2nd House actually does not show our income. The 11th house follows the 10th of career, so it shows the money we make from that, our income! It shows possible employees and projects that make us money. On a personal level, it shows how our career adds value, contributes to society and the world. It shows how fulfilled our career will make us feel - borth personally and financially. Being opposed to the 5th house, it shows what we give to others, rather than how we give back to ourselves and receive from others.
  • Jupiter in the 11th house shows that your career will give a lot to others and, consequently, will make you feel rich personally & financially.
  • Saturn in the 11th house shows that your career will lack in what it contributes to others and, consequently, will make you feel poor personally & financially.

The horoscope shows how we experience reality, not necessarily what it is objectively like. You could come from a rich family, but have Saturn in the 2nd house and feel like you are always lacking. Your career could do nothing for others but you could have Jupiter in the 11th house and feel like you are a generous contributor to society.
The horoscope mirrors our personal perception, which often is a self-fulfilling prophecy in terms of physical manifesation in our reality. It doesn't have to be, though, and astrology serves as a great tool for creating awareness about that.

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  1. What if both of them is in the same house ?

    1. I guess it could create a conflict, for example in the 2nd house we might have had very different parents who sent differing messages about self-worth or financial resources etc
      when they conjunct, the energy of abundance and the energy of lack merge and I guess that creates a responsible middle, wherein one is determinded to work hard for their success, to be realistic about money but optimistic at the same time

  2. What if I have Saturn and Sun in the 11th house?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Okay but what if I have Saturn in 8th house in retrograde?

  5. Well this is very interesting. Thanks for the post! But what would happen if the planets are in retrograde?

  6. I have moon, saturn & jupiter in the 8th house. What would this indicate? Do saturn and jupiter cancel eachother out.


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