15 June 2015

The significance and difference of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

Astrology has blown up in the last few months and has become really popular, especially on tumblr. I am very happy that this has introduced so many people to astrology and some are now wanting to study it further!
There's some confusion about the difference or meaning of the sun, moon and rising/ascendent sign, so I thought I'd make a quick blogpost explaining how I interpret them :-)


The sun is what you read about in most posts, it is easily determined through your birthday, so most people know their sun sign. This actually also determines our main personality traits.
The sun is the center of the solar system and also our center - it's how we identify as an individual.
It's our sense of being and existing, having influence.
It shows how we consciously act and express ourselves.
It is a means of identification, our ego.
The sign the sun is in shows what we identify as and how we consciously act.
We want to shine and express ourselves through the sun and be seen, especially in the area of life indicated by the house the sun falls in.
It is our urge to live, create, to be.

  • Sun in Aries: identifies as a hero and acts impulsively
  • Sun in Taurus: identifies as a traditionalist and acts stubbornly
  • Sun in Gemini: identifies as a student and acts curiously
  • Sun in Cancer: identifies as a maternal figure and acts sensitively
  • Sun in Leo: identifies as an entertainer and acts dramatically
  • Sun in Virgo: identifies as a servant and acts efficiently
  • Sun in Libra: identifies as a peacemaker and acts diplomatically
  • Sun in Scorpio: identifies as a magician and acts secretively
  • Sun in Sagittarius: identifies as a teacher and acts optimistically
  • Sun in Capricorn: identifies as a patriach and acts responsibly
  • Sun in Aqauarius: identifies as an individualist and acts rebelliously
  • Sun in Pisces: identifies as a dreamer and acts intuitively

♥ Moon 

The moon shines because it reflects the light of the sun and so our moon sign also shows our more receptive and unconscious self.
The moon controls the tides of the ocean and our mood swings.
It both shows the nature of our mood swings (sign of the moon) and on which area of life this ebb and flow will have the strongest effect (the house the moon is in).
Since it is largely unconscious, we tend to show our moon sign whenever we react automatically, outside of conscious control and action, which is the sun sign.
The moon, on the other hand, shows how we react.
The moon stands for our need to be nurtured and our urge to nurture others. The sign it is in describes the nature of that nurturing.
This is why it also shows what motivates us, what we need - because the sign the moon is in describes what makes us feel nurutred, at home, secure, emotionally safe.
It is connected to the mother and the home.
Your moon personality comes out whenever you let your guards down and are led by raw emotional outbursts and reactions - both good and bad ones.

  • Moon in Aries: their main emotional need and motivation is self-assertion and they react directly
  • Moon in Taurus: their main emotional need and motivation is security and they react stubbornly
  • Moon in Gemini: their main emotional need and motivation is learning and they react rationally
  • Moon in Cancer: their main emotional need and motivation is emotional connection and they react sensitively
  • Moon in Leo: their main emotional need and motivation is self-expression and they react dramatically
  • Moon in Virgo: their main emotional need and motivation is productivity and they react calculated
  • Moon in Libra: their main emotional need and motivation is peace and they react fairly
  • Moon in Scorpio: their main emotional need and motivation is power and they react controlled
  • Moon in Sagittarius: their main emotional need and motivation is freedom and they react self-righteously
  • Moon in Capricorn: their main emotional need and motivation is recognition and they react seriously
  • Moon in Aquarius: their main emotional need and motivation is liberation and they react rebelliously
  • Moon in Pisces: their main emotional need and motivation is oneness and they react non-confrontaionally

The sun sign shows how we actively pursue what our unconscious moon needs are.

The sun sign comes out when we consciously act, the moon sign comes out when we unconsciously react.

♥ Ascendent

The Ascendent sign is the cusp of the first house, meaning it is the very beginning of our chart, the starting point of the circular horoscope wheel.
It is like a door into our whole personality.
At the same time, it is the window through which we look into the world.
The Ascendent is then that layer between us an other people, between us and the rest of the world.
It is a stained glass window in front of our personality, colored by the traits of the sign it is in.
It describes how we come across to others and are seen and perceived, even on a physical leve, since it also affects our appearance.
It also describes how we see the world and approach life in general, whether we wear rose-tinted glasses or have a very clear and realistic outlook on the world.

  • Aries Ascendent: direct and aggressive approach to life and others
  • Taurus Ascendent: slow and stubborn approach to life and others
  • Gemini Ascendent: curious and talkative approach to life and others
  • Cancer Ascendent: sensitive and defensive approach to life and others
  • Leo Ascendent: dramatic and playful approach to life and others
  • Virgo Ascendent: calculated and rational approach to life and others
  • Libra Ascendent: polite and diplomatic approach to life and others
  • Scorpio Ascendent: dark and secretive approach to life and others
  • Sagittarius Ascendent: optimistic and idealistic approach to life and others
  • Capricorn Ascendent: responsible and realistic approach to life and others
  • Aquarius Ascendent: rebellious and individualistic approach to life and others
  • Pisces Ascendent: dreamy and romanticised approach to life and others

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