26 June 2015

The Types of Journals that I keep

I am obsessed with journaling, which will become very evident in this post.
I love writing in general and journaling can be so cathartic, enlightening or just lots of fun and something cool to look back on.
I am super super jealous of the characters in the movie "Stuck in Love" who are children to a succesful novelist who pays them to keep journals, so that they practice writing. If he was my dad I'd be so rich. Anyways. Here's my journals:

Astrology Journal

That's an obvious one to keep as an astrology student.
I take notes in this one while reading books or watching youtube videos sometimes, but mostly it is a place to write down any thoughts, ideas and observations I make - when I see patterns in personality traits of people with the same placments, when I see a certain personal transit manifest in my life, etc.
I also really like to do my own research and find connections and patterns of all the astrological archetypes, I am a huge nerd  for this kind of stuff.

Color-coded pluto keywords to analyze patterns

I went through this one pretty quickly!! But now I can go journal-shopping again :-)))

Affirmation Journal 

This one I think I started motivated by myself feeling a bit stuck and wanting to promote positive developments in my life to get through my quarter life crisis / saturn retrograde as smoothly as possible.
What I basically do in this one is write down any negative beliefs I hold ("I am not good enough" would be a classic one that most people have; or something like "Money can only be earned through suffering", anything that is detrimental) and then go through these steps:

  1. Why do I have this belief? Where did it come from and how did it serve me? Why am I holding onto it? Asking these questions brings lots of awareness. You might think there are no benefits to a belief such as "I am not good enough" but if people have made you feel that way, believing them can be less painful than feeling powerless and treated unfairly.
  2. "Shoot holes into the evidence". Look for as many reasons as you can for that belief being false.
  3. Define the belief you'd rather have.
  4. Find affirmations for that belief you'd rather have that you already believe. Saying "I love myself" and feeling like you're lying to yourself can actually be counterproductive. Start with simple positive affirmations like "I like my eye color", "I try my best to be a good person", "I like that I am open-minded"; whatever works for you and whatever fits the belief you try to adopt.
  5. When you focus on those positive affirmations (you can write down a few of them every day), you will start seeing more evidence for them being true because your brain is being reprogrammed in its focus. Then, your affirmations can become stronger and larger in quantity every day until you get closer and closer to your affirmation eventually being that belief you wanted to adopt - then you actually believe the belief!

Shadow Work  Journal

I like to do shadow work, which is basically to make the unconscious conscious by exploring your core beliefs, opinions, emotional reactions to certain people and situations to become more aware of what drives and motivates you.

Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal

I got this a few days ago and I am very excited about it! :-)
You basically answer a different question each day for five years in a row and I am already super excited to one day look back at this. I will definitely not remember to do this every day but I hope I will keep at this for the most part!
This is also available in the english version on amazon.

As a journal enthusiast I would love to hear about any journals you keep / any thoughts on journaling that you have :-)



  1. Hello Marina, I came across your blog recently and I really love it! It has so much more information than what the Sun sign means and I love how you interpret the relationships between sun sign, moon sign and ascendent.

    I'm happy to find out that you love journaling because I write daily journals too. I just started it early this year in the form of recording the three good things that happened to me each day and would take the time to re-read them as time goes by. This helps me keep a very positive attitude of life.

    I'm looking forward to reading more posts on your blog. Thank you for creating such an amazing blog.


    1. Hi Miki!! Thank you :)
      Gratitude journals are awesome, Ive thought about starting one too!!


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