04 June 2015

Venus in Libra ♀♎ (Libra in Love) ♥

Beyonce, Will and Jada Pinkett all have their Venus in Libra

I want to apologize to everyone who kept on waiting for this blogpost. I put off writing this for so long because this is such a boring placement. Not that it makes a person be boring, it's just that Libra is the natural place for Venus to be, so there aren't a lot of interesting things to say other than "these are really kind and fair individuals".

In the sign of the scales, the Venus principle - love, romance, art - is expressed in its purest form. However! This does not mean that there are absolutely no downsides to this placement and that everything is sunshine and butterflies. This might actually be the main problem of Venus in Libra - only wanting to see the good sides. They're in love with love and they value harmony and peace so much that they might just flat-out deny any problems or arguments that come up. They long for a flawless romcom-movie relationship that runs smoothly from start to finish (or, better yet, never actually finishes).
Being a lover of harmony, however, it does take quite a lot for them to actually cheat or break up. They're really fair and just and can always see someone else's point of view and truly try to make it work.
They want to be with someone equal to them and rely on a balanced give-and-take.

Venus in Libra is always ready to compromise and negotiate.
Another trait of this placement is its sense of tact. Someone with Venus in Libra will be very unconfrontational and they won't call people out, especially not in public.
They generally have great charm.

Venus in Libra Man

Men with this placement are actually quite the womanizers, or, rather, they are very charming and simpy "get" women (and literally get women :-) ). This might be because Venus - the planet of women - is in its home in Libra. Men with this placment are in love with and highly appreciate the feminine principle.

Libra is so fair and reciprocative that, when someone shows interest in them, they might naturally mirror that without really meaning it, it is their "polite impulse". This can get them accused of leading people on.
If you give to them and put effort into the relationship with them, they will, too.
If you stop caring, they will, too.
Venus in Libra always seems to mirror the level of affection someone holds for them.
This is why these people really need a true partnership that is based on team work and team effort.
They can be so partner-oriented, that one would think they simply lose themselves in relationships.
But a Venus in Libra does not actually feel whole or balanced until they are in a relationship.
These individuals focus very much on others and making it work with them, so that they don't assert themselves that much in relationships.

Libra is actually an air sign, which means it is intellectual. Venus in Libra might not really be very passionate (fire), pyhsical (earth) or emotional (water) in relationships, they like to have a relationship develop slowly and based on a mental connection and take rational steps towards intimacy.
They are definitely very level-headed. However, to someone with Venus in a sign of a different element, their "love language" might not be received well and will be interpreted as ingenuine, as if they don't love the actual person, but more so the idea of the perfect relationship.
These are probably the most charming and nice people and great partners, though.

Love always,


  1. My ex was a Libra Venus and quite the flirtatious type, he had many female friends (he was VERY into the social scene in general) and he would always deny he was seeing other people. While I was with him, all he wanted was a chill, peaceful, problem-free relationship but it was hard at the time since we were both (mostly I) pretty immature, and I would find problems in the smallest things and start a fight. Eventually he got tired of that and I suppose it was a lot of giving on his part and taking on mine and so it ended. Kind of watching out for guys that catch my eye that end up having Libra Venus now, though, they just spell danger to me.

    1. I also have Venus in Libra and I've noticed my past partners or the people I interact with (even strangers) always project the whole "making a big deal out of the smallest things and an unbalanced give and take". I always wondered why this happens??
      I definitely hate it, mainly because there's nothing to get upset about (especially the smallest of things) and to be in a relationship it needs to be a balance of give and take.

  2. I also do have venus in libra and I don't give a fuck about releationship.

  3. Fuck all libra in venus idiots

    1. Fuck you too can you blame us for being like this.
      -Venus in Libra

  4. libra in venus is so cute i wish i had this placement!