26 July 2015

Cara Delevingne Birth Chart Reading

Paper Towns is coming out soon and I'm excited to see Cara's acting abilities!!
I've had several people ask me to read her chart, so I thouhgt I might as well do it now!
Since her time of birth is unknown, this is just a rough overview of the major constellations in her horoscope :-)

She even has a lion tattoo on one of her fingers. Proud leo. Famous for her eyebrow mane.

Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon

Her sun and moon are in opposite zodiac signs, which makes her wants and needs be at odds with each other. She can be indecisive and look outside for someone to tell her what to do or who to be, because there is a constant opposition within her.

On the one hand, there is the self-absorbed, glamorous leo sun, and on the other hand, there is the collegial and laid-back aquarius moon. She wants to be special but she needs to feel like she is one of many. She wants to be a star but needs to be a common-person.
This results in this kind of a mentality:
"I might be glamorous and dramatic, but at the core, I'm just like all of you!!
I am great and special but also relatable!"

The conflict is amplified with her aquarius moon being in a conjunction with saturn.
Individuals with this placement often had to grow up and mature early and still take on a lot of responsibility - they're often a maternal authority figure.
This aspect could also show someone who has been neglected a bit in early childhood and fears insignificance. On the one hand, she feels humble and wants to belong to a group of people, but she also needs to balance this out with wanting to shine and be in the limelight, in the center of attention.

The duality of Leo and Aquarius creates a queen that is close to her people.
The star amongst the peasants.

Cara's Birth Chart

Scandalous Plutonian

Those with harsh pluto aspects, especially when in the public, won't be able to avoid scandals.
They either do outrageous or even criminal things or whatever they do will simply be received as being super taboo and extreme, even if it might not be.
One of Cara's main aspect figures is her sun and moon in opposition with each other and both squaring pluto.
People are obsessed with seeing these individuals as intense or even demonizing them.
Although this can result in bad attention, there is no negative publicity - especially not for a Leo.
The very strong Pluto influence makes Cara be mysterious and magnetic.

Pluto is also supported by Uranus and Jupiter in her chart, making her be weird and excessive and even exaggerated or crazy - her tendency towards being eccentric and scandalous will give her lots of attention.

Her Gemini Mars squares Venus and Jupiter, giving it more of the negative qualities of being a bit of a rowdy and not very classy or elegant. She is a tomboy at heart, loving to show initiative and being rather rough, assertive, or even aggressive.

On the bright side of Cara's chart, Mars actually trines her Aquarius moon - the whole laid-back people-person mentality of her moon and the tomboyish and playful mars go well together, making her likable and relatable.
She is a star precisely because she sometimes lacks grace - that's how her sun/moon opposition will find balance.

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